In web development there is not only project development the most important success factor. There are a lot of other important tasks around the project itself. Tasks, which AlphaNodes has built up its services. We offer many years of experience in PHP and Drupal projects and bring this knowledge to your project. Our customers are from the Munich area, Nuremberg, as well as Austria and Switzerland.

Implementation of a bug tracking system / repository

A ticket system implementation and configuration is always one of the first steps you have to take, when starting a project. For example, we introduce a central ticket system with which you can document and reference all tasks and correspondence within your team. The advantage: Everything is stored in one place, so that misunderstandings or incorrect information that may be caused by lost or misplaced eMails don’t occur in the first place.

We assume the ticket system setup for you. As every ticket system will need a code repository as well, we help you to implement one for your development team and take care of the access module for the repository access.

Useful tools evaluation

Every projects needs tools, which are suitable for various areas in a company. AlphaNodes helps you secure an efficient development process from concept to launch and beyond. We help you to find the best solution and implement lasting tools and methods to keep your project on course. Typical questions we solve are:

  • Which bug tracking system / ticket system is useful for us (e.g. Redmine, Jira or similar ones)?
  • Which file sharing system will be suitable / or where should the documentation take place (e.g. Wiki system)?
  • Which versioning tool is the best for us (e.g. Git)?
  • Which virtual environment should be implemented? Do we need one at all?
  • Which Linux distribution is the best solution for us?
  • Which system environment is useful for our development team (e.g. Virtualbox, VMware)?
  • Which Continuous Integration Server will be used?

System setup

In every development project there are several different system environments in use. We take over the setup process for you. Productive, testing or staging environment. Mostly we use virtualisation software like Openvz/Proxmox or KVM in our projects.

Deployment concepts and implementation

Deployment (go live) often isn’t considered until the very end. This, however, is too late. The main problems in IT projects often arise in the critical stage shortly before the deadline. Misconfigurations, incorrect permissions or missing systems on the live server often only appear when the system is being installed on the server, when it is being tested or when it is put into operation for the first time.

These ‘unforeseen’ problems at the final stage put your project at risk - and they can be avoided by help of a careful release planning.

AlphaNodes develops a deployment strategy and helps you implementing this concept smoothly into your project. We integrate essential workflows already during preliminary stages and assist you - so that your team doesn’t feel the heat near completion.

Virtual development environment setup

Using a virtual development environment has several advantages: e.g. quick development start for your developer team and Linux services may be used independent from the system environment.

Monitoring environment setup

Our experts know why komplex IT-projects fail and how to avoid cost-intensive performance or SEO problems. We analyse the eco-system of your project, identify weak points and implement solutions at an early stage - so that the problems simply never arise. Log file protocol analysis are an important part of this solution. Drop out inspections, threshold inspections, system messages and performance inspections are part of our service. We optimise the performance in Drupal and PHP from the start - before your team starts working and extensive adjustments at a later stage become inevitable.

In case you don’t want to do the server monitoring by yourself we offer you our Managed server monitoring service.

Continuous Integration / automated jobs

AlphaNodes uses automated test systems in order to prevent unpleasant surprises shortly before launch. Automated testings take care of the continouos testing routine. They save time and they go off once an error occurs, making sure that problems can be solved straight away.

The introduction of testing mechanisms in a preliminary stage ensures that your project is always in a stable state. And: risks are calculable. We provide the certainty that your team remains on the right track and attains your project goal within time and budget.

High Performance concepts / tests / implementation

Performance problems are not acceptable. When pages load too slowly or when content is not being directly rendered, performance must be optimised. We help you implement powerful systems from the start. Our experts know the weaknesses in PHP and Drupal projects. We analyse your concept in the planning stage and tell you straight away how to optmimise your system - even before your team starts implementing.

Management of your system environment

We take care of your projects system environment. This service is independent from your server hoster. We work with your own hardware, as well as with a root server or a cloud service.

Project automation for outsourced IT projects approval

We support companies without internal development department or with external developers to manage the approval of outsourced development tasks automated. We integrate appropriate tools to make sure your external service provider delivers the quality you ordered. These tools do all the job for you automatically and during the whole development process. This will result in better and independent development cycles and consistend and repeatable work cycles with consistend quality according to your requirements.