We support you by integrating excellent open source applications that support your business processes in an optimal way and allow you more efficient workflows.

Direct contact: +49 89 69 34 91 80
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Our service

  • Technical Projekt Lead
  • Project Management
  • ScrumMaster, Scrum Coach
  • Managed Server Monitoring
  • Partner for system environments, DevOps
  • Consulting and training in Munich for PHP, Drupal, Redmine, SEO and Deployment


  • since 1991 Linux
  • since 2000 PHP
  • since 2005 Drupal, SEO
  • since 2007 Enterprise Project Management
  • since 2007 Scrum

Tools we use are: Redmine, Jenkins, Git, Drupal, Ansible, Piwik, LogStash, SparkleShare, ownCloud and much more.

Call us: +49 (0)89 69 34 91 80 or write us: Servus - Redmine Plugins

Redmine hosting for Open Source projects

Free Redmine hosting for Open Source communities

Open sourceAlphaNodes strongly believes in open source software. We do not only use open source software in a professional way but also support and contribute to the open source community.

Above all by providing one of our Redmine hosting packages for free for any Open Source project to use.

Open Source projects which are interested in our free of charge Redmine hosting packages in order to manage their project and developer community, are able to apply here.

Apply for a free Redmine Hosting at AlphaNodes!

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