ownCloud is an open source software written in PHP. Which is - installed on your own server environment - a secure solution for data syncronisation and sharing within your company. The ownCloud web environment is a suitable replacement for Dropbox because of its basic functions. It is even more secure than Dropbox. ownCloud has - if you compare it to SparkleShare - the advantage that you can handle large files like images and videos better than the SparkleShare solution. Above all it offers the use of AES encryption of your data on the server, if needed.


There are several possibilities on how to use ownCloud:

  • Installation on a virtual maschine on your own server with your local data setup
  • Distributed usage on several server for distribution of work load in case of great data exchange
  • As managed hosting variant on a monthly rent base

A good introduction on how to use ownCloud offers the community website at owncloud.org.

AlphaNodes ownCloud partner for entrepreneurs

Profit from our ownCloud services for your company as service provider or ownCloud hoster located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

  • Server location Germany
  • SSL Labs - report A+
  • Extended security criteria