We support you by integrating excellent open source applications that support your business processes in an optimal way and allow you more efficient workflows.

Direct contact: +49 89 69 34 91 80
Bavariafilmplatz 3
D-82031 Gr├╝nwald / Munich
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Our service

  • Technical Projekt Lead
  • Project Management
  • ScrumMaster, Scrum Coach
  • Managed Server Monitoring
  • Partner for system environments, DevOps
  • Consulting and training in Munich for PHP, Drupal, Redmine, SEO and Deployment


  • since 1991 Linux
  • since 2000 PHP
  • since 2005 Drupal, SEO
  • since 2007 Enterprise Project Management
  • since 2007 Scrum

Tools we use are: Redmine, Jenkins, Git, Drupal, Ansible, Piwik, LogStash, SparkleShare, ownCloud and much more.

Call us: +49 (0)89 69 34 91 80 or write us: Servus - Redmine Plugins

Partner for system environment

We take care of the setup and management of system environments with Linux, PHP, Drupal and Redmine, as well as providing system environment consulting. With our service we support development teams in the area of web, software development and mobile app development.

Experts for system environment management in Munich

Experienced experts care for the flawless work of your staging, testing and productive environment and make sure everything runs smoothly. System administrators, development teams, test manager, product manager and project managers profit from our service.

System management service

  • Setup of your system environment
  • System environment maintenance
  • Team coaching on how to work (more efficient) with the system environment
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