As project manager for agile software development we support customers from the area around Munich and Nuremberg. Our services for agile project management are the following ones.

Tool customization / Setup

A golden rule in software development says: there is only one single tool that is suitable for the solution of a problem. This tool is the best tool available on the market. If the selected tool is not the best, the selection itself already is a mistake. We establish the required processes in your project and help you deploy them on a long-term basis. We utilize a variety of tools that help us structure intern workflows of IT projects, irrespective of the underlying programming.

Essential parts of our toolbox are for example Jenkins, Redmine, GIT or Eclipse. Based on your project aim and requirements we select the optimal tools for you.

Kanban Coach

We like to support you as Kanban Coach. We accompany your project with our agile knowledge and take care of the Kanban rules compliance.

Scrum Coach

You already have a ScrumMaster position engaged in your project / company? Great. We observe with scrutiny from outside the project and it’s agile approach. As Scrum Coach we help you to optimize the project course and help to optimize it.


We support you and your team as ScrumMaster. We accompany your project with agile knowledge and take care of the Scrum rules compliance.

Technical project lead / Interim CTO

We bring structure and transparency into your team and help your project attain its goal faster. As technical project lead / Interim CTO. The first critical point in every project is the planning stage. Even before the team starts to work some fundamental decisions must be made. These decisions not only lay the foundations for the IT infrastructure, team building, production schedule or communication between different departments. The initial key decisions also set the course for profit or loss, success or failure of the future work.

At the beginning of a project there is often not enough time to discuss all aspects in full detail. In pilot projects the team also lacks experience to consider the full scope of a venture. We support you in this matter.