Digital workspace with Open Source software
Redmine is the all-in-one solution for team collaboration. From task management, wiki as a knowledge database to an interactive communication tool. As stand-alone solution or in combination with other tools. Redmine offers modern companies many possibilities for a digital working place.

When it comes to Redmine, we know what we are doing. We work together with small, medium and large companies from the fields of IT, software and product development, marketing, electrical engineering as well as industry and its suppliers.

Redmine - the All-In-One solution for a productive collaboration

Those who prefer open source solution to commercial products save valuable resources and can scale flexibly. Redmine is the place where tasks and information come together. Either for selected teams, projects or for the entire company. Redmine is a suitable collaboration tool for every department, be it design, development, product management, marketing or administration.

Professional Redmine services

Even if a tool is used in the same way, large companies work differently from small companies. We are specialized in a quick and smooth implementation of a solution according to your needs. To make your working life easier, more pleasant and more productive. Learn in which situations we can help you efficiently attain your business goals.



  • Strategy workshop
    • Evaluation, analysis, requirements
    • Conzepts and strategy development
  • Tool implementation and configurations (Remote)
    • Setup of system environment
    • Redmine installation & configuration
    • Data migration for a quick start (Trac, Mantis, Flyspray, Jira etc.)


  • Project configurations, processes & workflows
  • Redmine customizations (plugins, CI, development)
  • Redmine system monitoring (24/7)
  • Management of your Linux system environment
  • Individual workshops & trainings


  • Redmine consulting and support
  • Redmine managed hosting (on your own server)
  • Redmine security test (Black-Box test)
  • Management of Redmine & system environment for better security and performance
  • Common review meetings

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.


Focus on your work, products and customers

Don’t worry about your team, your tools or your system administration. Develop, deploy and iterate whatever you want - we help you to manage the rest, so you don’t have to. We also have special offers for Founders & Start-ups.

Best of Siegel