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What if you had the possibility to handle support requests in an optimal way?

The bigger your company, the higher the support volume. The Redmine Service Desk Plugin offers possibilities to support your customers in the best possible way and at the same time to grow flexibly with your company.

Redmine Servicedesk Plugin

From administration to the HR department and from IT to marketing, you manage all incoming requests in one central location.

The Service Desk plugin is an extension for Redmine and provides support teams in IT, service and product development with a modern service desk that delivers everything necessary to handle requests efficiently.

Better handle support requests as a team and solve problems together.


Track, prioritize, change, close incoming tickets


Manage contacts, store information, measure customer satisfaction


Respond more quickly and consistently with pre-written responses (text templates)

Increase the productivity of your support team.


Automated email rules for incoming and outgoing messages


individually usable contact lists and table views


Dashboard support to better display relevant support requests

Identify, improve and fix problems faster.


Reports with relevant information: First Answer Time, Most Active Time of Day


Determine customer satisfaction with customer service assessments


Dashboard support to monitor service purchase with real-time data

Useful extensions

For an even better customer experience, we recommend the following add-on plugins that perfectly complement the service desk plugin and give your service agents more options.

Redmine Servicedesk Plugin

Messenger Plugin

Team chat integration for Redmine. With Slack, Rocket.Chat, Discord and Mattermost support. Then it works a little better with the communication.


Automation Plugin

Automate routine tasks and optimize existing data volumes. For even more time for really important tasks.


Ready to improve your employee support or customer service?

Available for hosting customers: 12/2021!
The plugin is part of our Redmine Managed Application Hosting.
It is available exclusively to our hosting customers. Self-Hosted plugin customers will have to wait until 2nd quarter 2022.