Redmine and AlphaNodes Redmine plugins

Redmine Plugins

A plugin is a functional extension for the project management tool Redmine. It enlarges the basic functions by additional usage capabilities. A plugin is therefore not executable on its own, but requires an installed Redmine system. We have various professional Redmine Plugins on sale.

AlphaNodes Plugin requirements

For minimum requirements of our commercial plugins always have a look at our pricing page here, before your purchase. Our plugins run with the regular Redmine v5x or larger, available on Other vendors (e.g. easyRedmine) or older Redmine versions are not supported.

Windows server environment not supported

You have a Windows operating system installed on your server?

  • Support is only given for the following operating systems: Linux, OS X
  • We do not support Redmine installations on a Windows operating system.

Of course our plugins work on Windows too, but in case of problems we (hardcore Linux users) do not offer support for Windows systems. If you want to be on the safe side you have the possibility to run your Redmine in a virtual Linux environment on a Windows server. Generally Redmine runs better under Linux than under Windows. So a change should be considered.

Requirement: Additionals Plugin (free)

All our commercial plugins require a current stable Additionals plugin. An application of our commercial plugins is not possible without the Additionals. Because we require certain functions as a base.

The Additionals plugin has great features you will benefit from. It comes from our development room, is carefully maintained and also serves other plugin developers as a basis for their product.

Recommended Ruby version: Ruby versions from 2.7x onwards are faster / more performant than older versions. Therefore the most recent version is recommended by us.

Plugin purchase

Plugin demo before purchase

We don’t offer test versions of our professional plugins. You can test the functionality in our Redmine Online Demo before buying the plugin. There you can also see how smoothly the plugins work with each other.

AlphaNodes plugin purchase

Purchased AlphaNodes plugins are unlimited usable. And the purchase includes vendor support and product updates for one year (12 month from date of puchase). The support can be extended so you can continue benefiting from performance improvements, new functions and security updates.

License and Terms of Use

Before purchasing our commercial Redmine plugins, you will be shown our terms of use for review. You can also read them under Terms of use.

What happens when the 12 month vendor support expires?

After the expiration of the 12-month product support, the plugin can still be used. In the version that you last used. After the end of the support period, you are no longer entitled to product support, product updates, and other support services that were part of the support license. Access to the customer area, as well as information and plugin documentation contained therein, is no longer possible. All this is part of our time-limited, chargeable support service.

I want to renew the support licence

We regularly develop our plugins and make sure that they always work with the latest Redmine version. That’s why about 75% of our customers take advantage of an extension to stay up to date. Such extensions are of course optional. They can be easily handled by purchasing the plugin again through our website. Learn more about Support-Subscription Renewal.

When to renew the license?

Our plugin price is not a subscription. There is no automatic support license renewal. Support license renewal is possible at any time after the existing license expires. The price is equal to the cost of a new license. In return, the extension does not apply retroactively from the first day after the expiration of the previous license. The duration of the 12-month support license starts with the date of purchase (in case of prepayment) or with the date of receipt of payment.

Purchase on bill in EUR

If you do not want to purchase the license via an online store (PayPal payment), but prefer bank transfer, you can also send us your order and invoice address (including EU VAT ID for reverse charge procedure). We will send you an invoice with the payment information for bank transfer to a German bank account. Prepayment: The purchase will be processed only after receiving the prepayment (within 5 AT from transfer order). AlphaNodes GmbH creates an invoice for plugin buyers according to German tax regulations.

What happens after the purchase?

  • Following the successful payment, our third-party provider DPD will usually send the download link to the email address provided during the purchase within 1 hour. The download must be done promptly. The link expires after 30 days.
  • On the same day, the buyer will also receive an email with the access information to the AlphaNodes customer area.
  • Log in directly to the customer area. There you will also find the plugin files, all necessary installation instructions, additional scripts, support information and API documentation for the use of the plugins.
  • Please ask for support via the customer area as well. Use a ticket for this.

I did not receive a download link: Please also check your spam folder for the e-mail from our third party provider (DPD) or our system and add the sender to your address book. Alternatively you can use the plugin download in our customer area, to which you get access from us after the purchase. Please inform us immediately via e-mail about the pending download link dispatch.

Can I cancel the purchase? Digital products like plugins are only usable for companies. They cannot be cancelled after purchase and are excluded from the right of withdrawal. We inform our customers extensively about the product features and minimum requirements before the purchase. In our online demo, the plugin and its functionality can be extensively tested in an executable environment. In addition, we are available for questions at any time. If you don’t like the plugin and its functionality, or your Redmine does not meet our minimum requirements, don’t buy it. Companies have no right of withdrawal.

AlphaNodes Plugin updates and support

We release plugin updates at regular intervals (approx. 3 - 4 times per year). Users with valid support license will be informed by us via e-mail as soon as the download is ready.

  • We always recommend to work with the latest plugin version.
  • Only the lates plugin version comes with bugs are fixed and new features.
  • Users with multiple AlphaNodes plugins must use the latest version of each plugin for compatibility reasons. For this it is mandatory to install / update all plugins in the same versioning.

Change of minimum requirements for updates

The minimum requirements can change at any time. We recommend to always take a look at the changelog and the minimum requirements before updating. If your Redmine system meets our minimum requirements, use our update instructions to update your plugin to the latest version.

Do you have to install every update

It is not necessary to install every update. You can also skip a version if necessary. However, we recommend to always work with the latest version.

Older Redmine versions

As a rule, we always support only the latest (stable) Redmine version. We do not consider older Redmine versions than specified in our minimum requirements. Reason: only a current system is a secure system. There are exceptions in a few cases, e.g. if a new major release has been released recently.

Many customers do not update their Redmine system. The reason is mostly a longtime used plugin, which is not compatible with the current Redmine version.

We strongly recommend that you consider whether functionality should really take precedence over security and up-to-dateness. What is the use of an outdated plugin for a company, if it paralyzes the update process of the complete system? And thus towards customers and employees the issue of security of the data managed with the system actually only pretends? Anyone who wants to keep their applications up to date with the state of the art in accordance with the DS-GVO cannot avoid a regularly maintained system (software included).

There is certainly a reason that a plugin is no longer updated. One should not stick to it compulsively.

It is worth taking a look at the functionality of a current Redmine version. Often this contains new features that make certain plugins obsolete. Also the change to other plugins (with similar function but current version) should be considered. Or also the change of the point of view on the certain application. This saves one sooner or later to land in the dead end no longer maintained community plugins or proprietary developments.

In general, it is possible to do without one or two minor updates. In the case of major releases, however, you should follow suit very soon and install a stable version. As an entrepreneur, you also have the duty to reduce possible operational risks. And from a financial point of view, regular, smaller updates and bug fixes make more sense than a time-consuming and costly update every few years. Ideally, this point is outsourced so that it is stress and pain free.

Older plugin versions

After a plugin update, older plugin versions will no longer be available for download, but only the current plugin version.

No updates without valid support license

We release new versions of our commercial plugins at regular intervals. They either fix a problem, contain new functions or ensure that the plugin continues to run smoothly with the latest Redmine version. If you don’t update your system regularly, you are working with an outdated software version that may be prone to errors or security vulnerabilities. Therefore updates are necessary.

The extension of the support license is optional. BUT: Without a valid support license you won’t receive any more updates or support.

Support and plugin informationen in German and English

Our german team accepts questions on our plugins during normal office hours on weekdays (with the exception of public holidays). We also speak English if you prefer.

SupportBasic (mo - fri: 9am - 5pm)
via phone or remote-
via e-Mail or Issue trackeryes
Documentation (DE / EN)yes
Time to reaction*48 h

* Error messages or errors in the software as well as feature requests are excluded from the reaction time and are not taken into account when counting requests.

Plugin installation

The buyer is responsible for installing the purchased plugin file on his Redmine environment. We provide instructions for correct installation / de-installation after purchase. The installation / de-installation of the plugins, as well as how to perform plugin updates is described in our support section. Customers will receive the access data for the support area via mail after the plugin purchase. There they can access the current installation instructions (EN). In case of questions or problems during the installation use our ticket system.

To see what you can expect, take a look at the following installation guide (EN). In any case, always use the current instructions in our customer area.

AlphaNodes Redmine Plugin Installation (EN)

Help with installation

Plugin installation by us is not part of our plugin offer. We do not undertake installation of plugins on third-party systems (Redmine environments not set up by us). What we offer you alternatively is the following:

  • we support customers in case of problems during installation via issue system.
  • alternatively use one of our Redmine managed hosting plans.
  • in this case we take over the complete system support and monthly maintenance.
  • the plugins would not have to be purchased by you immediately. They are part of the monthly maintenance package. Your Redmine legacy data will be transferred.

Read the requirements for this and get an individual offer based on your current system information. There are extra costs charged for this.

Plugin documentation and API

For each of our commercial plugins we provide a user documentation you get access to during your 12 month support time when activating it by implementing the access token into the plugin configuration section Help.

Here you find out how it works: AlphaNodes support token

Plugin DocumentationReportingHRMDBPasswordsAutomationWiki GuideDevOps
Language: DE, ENyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Formats: HTML, PDFyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
12 month access via Tokenyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Access via Redmine help menu and / or via URLyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Rest API (XML, JSON)yesyesyesyes---

The documentation is relatively extensive. It usually describes the configuration as well as the application and the functional scope of the corresponding plugin. In this case you always work automatically with the latest plugin help. Developers with a valid support license can access API documentation in the support area.

Application security

Secure code

Our developers and product managers undergo regular training in:

  • Secure Coding to be familiar with all aspects of secure coding.


AlphaNodes uses modern and secure open source frameworks with security controls for development to reduce exposure to known security vulnerabilities as much as possible.

Quality Assurance and Code Testing

Prior to each release, features are reviewed and tested to uncover potential vulnerabilities in the code. We use a number of security tools to continuously test our applications for vulnerabilities. For example:

  • rubocop
  • Brakeman

Separate environments

The test and staging environments are physically and logically separated from the production environment. No service data is used in the development and test environments.

Plugin compatibility

Our plugins are all compatible with each other. Compatibility issues with other plugin manufacturers due to the same functionality can be found here.

Redmine Reporting Plugin

  • redmine_issue_sla (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmine_mermaid_macro (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmine_login_audit (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmine_people (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmine_favourite_projects (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmineup_tags (function is part of our plugin, existing Tags will be migrated)
  • redmine_x_project_templates

Redmine HRM Plugin (Reporting extension)

  • redmine_local_avatars (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmine_people (function is part of our plugin)
  • redmine_resources
  • redmineup_tags (function is part of our plugin, existing Tags will be migrated)
  • redmine_x_project_templates

Redmine DB, Passwords, Automation, Wiki Guide

  • redmineup_tags (function is part of our plugin, existing Tags will be migrated)
  • redmine_x_project_templates

5 reasons that are in favor of AlphaNodes plugins

  • Born from experience
    We know what we are doing. We have been in project management and development for years. So you benefit from the needs and experiences from our everyday project life.

  • Customizable and for multitasking talents
    Everybody works differently. Everyone has different tasks. That’s why our plugins support the use of dashboards. So everyone has everything in view what interests him. Simply by creating an own dashboard, with personal important information.

  • As flexible as you
    Our plugins are for any size of business. You can evolve at any time, because our tools grow with you. No matter where your business journey takes you.

  • Easy migration of existing data
    Whether it’s reporting (Reporting Plugin), wiki pages for the knowledgebase (Wiki Guide Plugin), or resource planning of your employees (HRM Plugin). Our plugins work with the existing data and provide you directly with the necessary information (real-time).

  • Power tools for your needs
    No matter what goals your company pursues. Our tools are so flexible to use that every company can benefit from them. Variables for personlization, custom fields, additional filter options etc. make it possible.

Redmine Automation Plugin FAQ

What is the product about?

The tool automates project management tasks and workflows in Redmine using if-then conditions for automation rules. The standard installation supports automation of the following basic entities: Issues, Projects, Spent Time Entries on issues. Further entities are possible if additional AlphaNodes plugins are installed.

Who are the customers?

Project manager, freelance agencies and business owner using Redmine for project management and task tracking and support.

What values is generated for them?

Time saving through automating repetitive tasks.

How is it better than the manual way?

It’s faster and fewer errors occur than when you do it traditionally. Nothing will be forgotten and all will be done the same way every time.

Are there any dependencies?

Yes, the plugin requires Redmine Reporting as base. It will not work as stand-alone. You should buy a Bundle (Automation-Bundle or Enterprise+) in order to make sure, you have all plugins you need.

Redmine HRM Plugin FAQ

What is the product about?

The tool provides real-time ressource planning views and attendance and holiday management for project management teams using Redmine.

Who are the customers?

Project manager, freelance agencies and business owner using Redmine for project management, task tracking and product support.

What values is generated for them?

It allows an effective planning and overview of your team resources (project-related and cross-project) to see where the bottlenecks are.

How is it better than the manual way?

In contrary to the currently available tools for Redmine, the planning is not necessarily done manually by the project manager, but by integrated rules. This prevents micromanagement, promotes self-management and as a result automatically adapts to the real project situation.

Are there any dependencies?

Yes, the plugin requires Redmine Reporting as base. It will not work as stand-alone. You should buy a Bundle (Business-Class or Enterprise+) in order to make sure, you have all plugins you need.

Redmine Reporting Plugin FAQ

What is the product about?

The product provides users from the business sector with additional evaluations, filters and export options, as well as insights into tasks and projects that are managed with Redmine.

Who are the customers?

Project managers, product managers and decision makers who use Redmine as a tool for the different phases of the product lifecycle management (PLM).

What values is generated for them?

It provides additional insights into Redmine, for better decision making, additional data analysis capabilities, easier and more efficient use.

How is it better than the general way?

It improves processes and team productivity and provides more detailed insights into existing data.