Redmine Plugins

A plugin is a functional extension for the project management tool Redmine. It enlarges the basic functions by additional usage capabilities. A plugin is therefore not executable on its own, but requires an installed Redmine system. We have various professional Redmine Plugins on sale.

Redmine 4

Our professional Redmine plugins are now (since Version 2.0.0) available for Redmine 4.

Initial plugin purchase

With the one-time purchase of a license of one of our professional Redmine plugins you will receive a perpetual license for the software, as well as license support from AlphaNodes for one (1) year, which allows you to send support requests and update the software. After this initial support period has ended, you can continue to work with your existing license for as long as you desire. But since we continue to develop our plugins very strongly and always focus on the latest version of Redmine about 70% of our customer decide to continue our support service. In order to benefit from updates and security patches after the 12 month support contract expires we recommend you to extend the support licence.

No updates without valid support license

We regularly release new versions of our commercial plugins. They either fix a problem, add new features or keep the plugin running smoothly with the latest version of Redmine. Those who do not regularly update their system will work with an outdated version of software that may be prone to errors or vulnerabilities. Therefore updates are necessary. The renewal of the support license is optional. BUT: Without a valid support license, you cannot perform updates. Existing customers are informed about updates via e-mail. The download of the respective plugin version is then available in our customer area for customers with a valid license (and valid access).

You run Redmine on a Windows operating system?

Support is only provided for the following operating systems: Linux, OS X Redmine installations on a Windows operating system are not supported. It does not mean that our Plugins don’t run on Windows, but in case of problems we do not offer Windows-Support. However, it is possible to run Redmine in a virtual Linux environment on a Windows server. In general Redmine runs better on Linux than on Windows. So a change would be worth considering.

When to renew the license?

A renewal of the support license is possible at any time after expiration of the existing license. The price corresponds to the cost of a new license, but the renewal does not apply retroactively from the first day after expiration of the previous license. The duration of 12 months of support and updates begins with the date of purchase (also prepayment only) or with the date of confirmation of receipt of payment by us.

Plugin documentation

For each of our commercial plugins we provide a user documentation you get access to during your 12 month support time when activating it by implementing the access token into the plugin configuration section Help. The documentation is available in German and English and it is relatively extensive. It usually describes the configuration as well as the application and the functional scope of the corresponding plugin. For that reason it is definitely worth taking a look at the document.

Additionals plugin required

All our commercial plugins (e.g. DB, HRM, Reporting, Passwords etc.) require a current stable version of the freely available Additionals plugin. If you are not using the plugin yet, please get a current stable version on Github before starting the installation of the commercial AlphaNodes plugin.

Plugin installation

The installation / uninstallation of the plugins, as well as the execution of plugin updates is described in our support area, only. After purchasing the plugin, customers receive the access data for the support area via e-mail and can call up the current installation instructions there in DE and EN.

For the initial installation of the plugin, the following installation instructions can be downloaded here. The current manual, as well as a manual in DE is only available in the support area. Please use the information from the support area to which you as a customer have access!

Installation Redmine DB (EN)

Installation Redmine HRM (EN)

Installation Redmine Passwords (EN)

Installation Redmine Reporting (EN)

Important: Make sure you have checked on the plugin requirements before installation!

Plugin demo

We don’t offer test versions of our professional plugins. You can test the functionality in our Redmine Online Demo before buying the plugin. There you can also see how smoothly the plugins work with each other.

Plugin compatibility

Our plugins are all compatible with each other. They are compatible with RedmineUp plugins (unless otherwise noted below). Do you have other plugins installed? Let us know which plugins you also use, so that we can give you feedback on this compatibility. Known exceptions are listed here.

Redmine HRM Plugin

The Redmine HRM plugin is not compatible with the following commercial plugins from other manufacturers, because some functions are already implemented in Redmine HRM and would collide with them:

  • redmine_people
  • redmine_local_avatars
  • redmine_reporter (RedmineUp)

Redmine Reporting Plugin

The Redmine Reporting Plugin is not compatible with the following plugins of other developers, because some functions are already implemented in Reporting Plugin and would collide with them:

  • redmine_issue_sla
  • redmine_mermaid_macro
  • redmine_login_audit
  • redmine_people
  • redmine_favourite_projects
  • redmine_reporter (RedmineUp)