Redmine and AlphaNodes Redmine plugins

Redmine Plugins

A plugin is a functional extension for the project management tool Redmine. It enlarges the basic functions by additional usage capabilities. A plugin is therefore not executable on its own, but requires an installed Redmine system. We have various professional Redmine Plugins on sale.

Redmine version 4

Our professional Redmine plugins are (since Version 2.0.0) also working on Redmine version 4x systems.

AlphaNodes Plugin requirements

For minimum requirements of our commercial plugins always have a look at our pricing page here, before your purchase.

You run Redmine on a Windows operating system? Support is only provided for the following operating systems: Linux, OS X

Redmine installations on a Windows operating system are not supported. It does not mean that our Plugins don’t run on Windows, but in case of problems we do not offer Windows-Support. However, it is possible to run Redmine in a virtual Linux environment on a Windows server. In general Redmine runs better on Linux than on Windows. So a change would be worth considering.

Additionals plugin required: All our commercial plugins (e.g. DB, HRM, Reporting, Passwords etc.) require a current stable version of the freely available Additionals plugin. If you are not using the plugin yet, please get a current stable version on Github before starting the installation of the commercial AlphaNodes plugin.

The usage of our commercial plugins without the Additionals plugin is not possible, because some special features are used as base. But don’t worry, the Additionals plugin has some great functions you will profit from and it’s always up-to-date. It is part of our free product line.

Recommende Ruby version 2.4.6: Ruby versions from 2.4x are faster / more performant than older versions. The most recent version from this release branch is v2.4.6, which is recommended by us.

Plugin purchase

Plugin demo before purchase

We don’t offer test versions of our professional plugins. You can test the functionality in our Redmine Online Demo before buying the plugin. There you can also see how smoothly the plugins work with each other.

AlphaNodes plugin purchase

Purchased AlphaNodes plugins are unlimited usable. And the purchase includes vendor support and product updates for one year (12 month from date of puchase). The support can be extended so you can continue benefiting from performance improvements, new functions and security updates.

What happens when the 12 month vendor support expires?

If the 12 month product support has expired, the plugin can still be used. In the version you last worked with. After the end of the support period you are not entitled to free product support, as well as new (meanwhile released) plugin versions (e.g. security and functional updates, bug fixes etc.). Access to the customer area and the plugin documentation is no longer possible.

I want to renew the support licence

We continue to develop our plugins very strongly and always focus on the latest version of Redmine. About 70% of our customer decide to continue our support service. Renewals are optional and can be easily handled by re-purchasing ths plugin through our website.

When to renew the license?

There is no automatic support licence renewal. It is on you to purchase a new licence. A renewal of the support license is possible at any time after expiration of the existing license. The price corresponds to the cost of a new license, but the renewal does not apply retroactively from the first day after expiration of the previous license. The duration of 12 months of support and updates begins with the date of purchase (also prepayment only) or with the date of confirmation of receipt of payment by us.

Purchase on bill in EUR

AlphaNodes GmbH, based in Grünwald near Munich, provides each buyer of a plugin license with an invoice according to German tax regulations. If you do not want to purchase the license via our online shop (PayPal payment), but prefer bank transfer (prepayment also applies here), you can send us your order and billing address (including VAT ID) via contact form or e-mail. We will then send you an invoice with the payment information for transfer to a German bank account. The purchase processing takes place also here only after received prepayment (within 5 AT starting from transfer order).

What happens after the purchase?

After the successful payment, our third-party provider DPD will send the download link within 1 hour to the e-mail address provided at the time of purchase. A little later the same day, the buyer will also receive an e-mail with access information to the customer area. In the customer area you will find all necessary installation instructions, additional scripts, user manuals and API documentation for the use of the plugins. As well as the possibility to contact the support.

AlphaNodes Plugin updates and support

We publish updates to our commercial plugins at regular intervals. Users with a valid support license will be informed via e-mail about an available downloads.

We ask our users to always work with the latest plugin version. Users with multiple plugins from us should always use the latest version of each plugin.

The minimum requirements can change at any time. We always recommend to have a look at the changelog and the minimum requirements for the available version before updating.

Do you have to install every update

It is not necessary to install every update. You can also skip a few versions and then install the latest available plugin version again. However, we recommend to always work with the latest version. As a rule, our versions come with bug fixes as well as regular functional improvements.

Older Redmine versions

As a rule, we always support the latest Redmine version. Older Redmine versions than specified in our minimum requirements will not be considered. The main reason is that only a current system is a secure system. There are only a few exceptions, e.g. if a new major release has just been released and only a few plugins are still working with it.

Older plugin versions

After a plugin update, older plugin versions will no longer be available for download, but only the current plugin version.

No updates without valid support license

We release new versions of our commercial plugins at regular intervals. They either fix a problem, contain new functions or ensure that the plugin continues to run smoothly with the latest Redmine version. If you don’t update your system regularly, you are working with an outdated software version that may be prone to errors or security vulnerabilities. Therefore updates are necessary.

The extension of the support license is optional. BUT: Without a valid support license you won’t receive any more updates or support.

Support and plugin informationen in German and English

Our german team accepts questions on our plugins during normal office hours (we also speak English if you prefer).

Plugin installation

The installation / uninstallation of the plugins, as well as the execution of plugin updates is described in our support area, only. After purchasing the plugin, customers receive the access data for the support area via e-mail and can call up the current installation instructions there in DE and EN.

For the initial installation of the plugin, the following installation instructions can be downloaded here. The current manual, as well as a manual in DE is only available in the support area. Please use the information from the support area to which you as a customer have access! Important before starting plugin installation: All required plugin versions must be up-to-date and must be available in the respective Redmine directory before you start.

Installation Redmine DB (EN)

Installation Redmine HRM (EN)

Installation Redmine Passwords (EN)

Installation Redmine Reporting (EN)

Important: Make sure you have checked on the plugin requirements before installation!

Plugin documentation and API

For each of our commercial plugins we provide a user documentation you get access to during your 12 month support time when activating it by implementing the access token into the plugin configuration section Help. The documentation is available in German and English and it is relatively extensive. It usually describes the configuration as well as the application and the functional scope of the corresponding plugin. In this case you always work automatically with the latest plugin help.

The documentation is available in German and English. It describes the configuration as well as the application and the functionality of the corresponding plugin. In the case of plug-in updates, the documentation is reviewed as soon as new functions are added.

Developers with a valid support license can access API documentation for the following plug-ins in the support area: DB, Passwords, HRM

Plugin compatibility

Our plugins are all compatible with each other. They are compatible with RedmineUp plugins (unless otherwise noted below). Do you have other plugins installed? Let us know which plugins you also use, so that we can give you feedback on this compatibility. Known exceptions are listed here.

Redmine HRM Plugin (extension for Reporting)

HRM is an extension for the Reporting Plugin. It enhances it with the functionality of resource management. The Redmine HRM Plugin is not running alone. It requires the commercial Reporting Plugin. Both plugins are available as Bundle version.

The Redmine HRM plugin is not compatible with the following commercial plugins from other manufacturers, because some functions are implemented in Redmine HRM:

  • redmine_people
  • redmine_local_avatars
  • redmine_reporter (RedmineUp)

Redmine Reporting Plugin

The Redmine Reporting Plugin is not compatible with the following plugins of other developers, because some functions are already implemented in Reporting Plugin:

  • redmine_issue_sla
  • redmine_mermaid_macro
  • redmine_login_audit
  • redmine_people
  • redmine_favourite_projects
  • redmine_reporter (RedmineUp)