The open source ticket system Redmine is a powerful tool for managing projects and information in your company. In the course of digitalization each department often has different needs regarding activities and tasks. Professional Redmine Plugins help to meet every need. The most important and most frequently requested use cases are listed below.

Cover the following use cases with Redmine

  • Asset Management with Redmine
    Find out everything you need to know about managing assets in Redmine.
  • Project cost and budgeting management with Redmine
    Explore how to avoid going over on time and budgets in your projects.
  • Personnel management with Redmine
    Personnel management ensures a structured and smooth process in the company. Let Redmine help you to simplify the management of your employees.
  • Project management with Redmine
    Manage your projects centrally. Track progress, collaborate with your team, and deliver your projects and products on time.
  • Reporting with Redmine
    Advanced analysis for more transparency and improvements of your projects. Find out everything about using all-in-one reports in Redmine.
  • Productivity improvement
    Increase the productivity of your team by improving usability of Redmine. Learn how.
  • Resource management and capacity analysis with Redmine
    Explore how you can optimally use your employees’ resources in the project: With resource planning for the future.
  • Service Desk with Redmine
    Solve your customers problems and give answers. Find out how to use Redmine as service desk tool.
  • Virtual library with Redmine
    Data research and information management made easy. Extend the Redmine ticket system easily with the DB plugin and use it as a virtual library for physical and / or digital information carriers.