We support you by integrating excellent open source applications that support your business processes in an optimal way and allow you more efficient workflows.

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Our service

  • Technical Projekt Lead
  • Project Management
  • ScrumMaster, Scrum Coach
  • Managed Server Monitoring
  • Partner for system environments, DevOps
  • Consulting and training in Munich for PHP, Drupal, Redmine, SEO and Deployment


  • since 1991 Linux
  • since 2000 PHP
  • since 2005 Drupal, SEO
  • since 2007 Enterprise Project Management
  • since 2007 Scrum

Tools we use are: Redmine, Jenkins, Git, Drupal, Ansible, Piwik, LogStash, SparkleShare, ownCloud and much more.

Call us: +49 (0)89 69 34 91 80 or write us: Servus

Redmine Hosting

Organize your projects with our professional, secure open source solution. Redmine as communication terminal, Git for versioning, ownCloud for data organisation and file synchronisation.

Support serviceSelf-hosted Redmine?
We offer a monthly support service for your own Redmine environment.
Hosting R30
30 GB Storage
120,00 EUR*
Hosting R60
60 GB Storage
240,00 EUR*
Hosting R100
100 GB Storage
299,00 EUR*
Hosting R200
200 GB Storage
399,00 EUR*
Contact us Order Order Order Order
We take care of your existing system environment, Redmine and Git on your own server (In-House or third-party). This way you also profit from a performant, secure Redmine system operation.min. 30 EUR* / server instance
Monthly minimum price for Monitoring plus a prearranged time budget for the monthly system support.
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • ownCloud
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • ownCloud
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • ownCloud
Advantages monthly support Advantages Managed Redmine Hosting
  • Your data is stored on your own infra structure
  • You control your hardware limit
  • You save on internal team ressources
  • you profit from an up-to-date, secure and performant Redmine
  • quick and cheap entry
  • reduce internal (technical) impediments
  • save on internal ressources
  • lower administrative costs and impediments
  • AlphaNodes Redmine plugins are included *)
Additional features: Hosting R30 Hosting R60 Hosting R100 Hosting R200
Own server instance Germany or a country of your choice
Our german servers are stationated in bavaria. Video-monitored high-security perimeter fencing around the entire data center parkVideo-monitored high-security perimeter fencing around the entire data center park. 24/7 monitoring of access routes, entrances, security door interlocking systems and server rooms. Redundant UPS facilities.
Unlimited use of Redmine 3.2.x (unlimited number of projects and user), Optimized Redmine standard configuration (Optimized workflows, roles, security settings, plugins), Isolated server instance (you can operate it optionally in your own data center), inclusive AlphaNodes professional Redmine plugins (Redmine Hosting customers can use our professional Redmine Plugins for free during their hosting period with us!) and customed Redmine communinity plugins.
Support, Updates, Security Daily data base backup, 24/7 system monitoring for a redundant server operation, regular system / Redmine / plugin updates, Email customer support, free import of existing Redmine data, SSL encryption
Unlimited traffic
Git team Server
Access by the use of SSH and HTTPS, managed by the use of Redmine
Access URL by the use of SSL
for Redmine, Git, ownCloud and Jenkins (
Optional settings: Hosting R30 Hosting R60 Hosting R100 Hosting R200
Corporate Identity implementation¹
Optional function customizations¹
Continuous Integration server (Jenkins) implementation¹ - - -
¹ addition fees will be charged / * Plugins are only part of Redmine instances, hosted on our server. / For file sharing we advice our customers to use SparkleShare.
*monthly fee plus german VAT, Automatic extension for one month. Upgrade / Downgrade possible if needed.Fair: No setup fee! No long-term contract obligations, terminable per month.

Best ofBest of Best of Red Hat Partner

Above all we do offer individual hosting services according to your needs.

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Managed Redmine Hosting with Git (as versioning control system) and Jenkins (as CI server). Order your Account now.

Your advantages with us as your hosting partner

  • Without complicated installation and setup.
  • Pre-installed Redmine plugins included - inclusively our professional password management tool - ready to use!
  • Optimized Redmine for professional team and project management usage.

Good to know: All Redmine plugins made by us (Redmine Passwords, Redmine Tweaks, Redmine Reporting) are part of our Redmine hosting during the hosting period! No extra costs involved while hosted with us!

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