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Redmine Managed Application Services and Hosting


The business software Redmine is a web-based open source project management tool for classical as well as agile project management. It is ideally suited for team collaboration to handle a single or multiple projects simultaneously. It supports teams along the entire project live-cycle. Plugins allow additional usage: in your office, in home office, in distributed teams.

Working with Redmine bundles team communication, tasks and project-relevant information centrally in one place. Without e-mail use. The functions (like task management, Wiki, Time tracking, Forums, Gantt-Charts etc.) are accessed via Internet browser and can be accessed from any location.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is for many organizations out of control as long as they use software or products based on licence fees per user. Open Source Software like Redmine makes this factor controlable. Our Redmine Cloud service removes the need to build, patch and operate infrastructure on your own instead of focus on your core business.

Conclusion: With Redmine, your team gets all the features they need to develop great software or online services. At a significant fraction of the cost associated with proprietary providers. Choose Redmine managed application hosting by AlphaNodes today.

Pricing Redmine Managed Hosting

Redmine can be run standalone or in combination with other applications.

RedmineOn-PremisesOur Cloud packages
Operation package InHouseHosting R30Hosting R100Hosting RE Enterprise
Target groupCompanies that need their own infrastructureRecommended minimum number of users: 10Recommended minimum number of users: 50Companies with focus on performance. Minimum number of users: 250
Monthly fee (payable in advance)195 EUR
No limitations¹)
120 EUR
30 GB Storage
299 EUR
100 GB Storage
Upon request
Setup fee, one-time (support by us mandatory)from 700,00 EURnonenonenone
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Redmine Managed Hosting Features
Redmine v5.x (Multilingual), no software limitations
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Unlimited number of projects
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited traffic
API request limitations
AlphaNodes sub-domain
Server location / data storage: Germany
Own domain possible-
Own SMTP server usable -
Updates (system, Redmine, plug-ins)automaticautomaticautomaticautomatic
Redmine standard functions
Project management, Issue tracking (tasks), Spent time (on issues), Document management, Wiki, News, Discussion forum, Rights and roles management, Issue workflows, Calendar, Gantt-Diagram, Activity log, E-Mail notifications, API, Custom fields, Issue import via CSV
Power-Ups (additonal features) InHouseHosting R30Hosting R100Hosting RE Enterprise
Redmine Automation: setup automation rules to reduce errors, optimize processes, help focusing on solving important stuff. Own SMTP-Server necessary (InHouse, Hosting RE Enterprise & Hosting R100).-
Redmine ServiceDesk: Handle support requests in a single location and respond faster. Own SMTP-Server necessary (InHouse, Hosting RE Enterprise & Hosting R100).-
Redmine DB: Digital Asset Management and excel replacement for project relevant information
Redmine DevOps: Redmine as Information Hub for DevOp teams
Redmine Passwords: Team password management for sensible data
Redmine Reporting: Better usability, graphs, reports (PDF, CSV), analysis, SLAs, etc
Redmine HRM: Resource and attendance management (e.g. holidays) for project teams
Redmine Wiki Guide: Extended Wiki functionality (Self-Service optimization)
AlphaNodes Plugin usage according to the terms of use possible. You can also buy our Redmine Plugins unindependently to the monthly care package (go to our Plugin Shop). All features.
Bonus for Cloud customers
Free of charge 30-day-access to our eLearning offer
Redmine online course (EN) to get to know Redmine better.
Tree donation 2024: Planting trees for a better climate
We are happy about every subscription you make and donate 1 tree. -
Optional services (chargeable)²InHouseHosting R30Hosting R100Hosting RE Enterprise
Third-Party vendor / community plugin maintenance, monthly fee*+ 10,- € Extra charge to the selected package / plugin
Additional test installation, monthly fee³+ 119,- € Extra charge to the selected package
Inclusive HedgeDoc Pad, monthly fee+ 50,- € Extra charge to the selected package
Inclusive Rocket.Chat, monthly fee+ 50,- € Extra charge to the selected package
Redmine Theme with Corporate Branding
(Logo, Header, Footer)
Data migration from previous Redmine system
Switch of MySQL data into PostgreSQL

¹) InHouse: Support for the open source applications is provided by us. Provision of the server (Linux) is done by the customer. Here there are no restrictions in terms of performance, hardware, resources, location.

Cloud: the open source applications are provided by us (our server). Root access not possible. Our servers are located at a leading Data Center from Germany whose operator is certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001. The data center park is equipped with state-of-the-art security technology (24/7 monitoring, access controls), has a modern early fire detection system, redundant UV systems and is fully air-conditioned.
The customer receives an administrator account for further administration of its application and users. Customer is responsible for the activities of all its End Users and the way End Users use data, even if those End Users are not from the Customer's organization or domain.

Security: Data transfer and access to the server is encrypted (SSL). Access via SSH and HTTPS possible. Access URL via SSL (https://) using a Let's Encrypt certificate. Applies to Redmine, Nextcloud, Matomo, Rocket.Chat, HedgeDoc.

Backups (Cloud): Q: How often? Backups are saved encrypted. Once a day all data (files/uploads from Redmine and database). A snapshot of the database is also taken every 4 hours.
Q: Which versions are kept? Completely, we use BorgBackup for this. It is always necessary to restore a complete backup. It is not possible to restore a single issue, a single wiki page or a single issue file, nor is it possible due to the Redmine architecture.
Q: For how long? The last two days / one of the last week / one of last month.
Q: How to restore backups? It's part of our job to restore it for your, if you need a backup to be restored.

Pricing: Exclusively sold to business customers. All prices are net prices and may be subject to German sales tax. If you order our products outside of Germany, other sales tax rates may apply. When the hosting contract is terminated, the plugin usage right for provided, commercial AlphaNodes Redmine plugins automatically expires. In this case, an annual license with fees must be used if the plugin is to be used independently of the hosting.

²) For optional services additional costs will be charged. Get an individual offer.
³) For each production environment (as described above) we also offer the setup and support of a Redming test environment. This can be used e.g. for data modeling, performance tests and plugin tests. This involves one-time costs for setup and system configuration. The monthly usage / support fees include: the maintenance of Redmine and the plugins as on the productive environment, as well as the adjustments / maintenance of data synchronization. The below conditions also apply here.
*) If the customer wishes to use additional plugins on the system, which are not provided by us by default, a monthly extra charge will be made for their inclusion in the monthly application maintenance (check / installation of available updates, compatibility check). Important: Requirement is both, a valid license on the part of the customer (for commercial third-party plugins), as well as compatibility with other plugins / the Redmine system provided. We reserve the right to refuse a plugin request, as soon as the security and stability, the compatibility or the regular update process is hindered. For the integration / uninstallation during operation there are additional setup costs per plugin.

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.

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Conditions (InHouse and Cloud)

  • All pricing in EUR and net. Monthly billing in advance, only.
  • Minimum period: 1 month. Can be cancelled 2 weeks before the end of the service period.
  • E-mail support: Acceptance of error messages, technical support requests, other activities exclusively via the customer area
  • Troubleshooting, answering support requests according to the "Best Effort" principle within our service hours
  • Service hours: Mon - Fri from 9:00 to 17:00 (CET/CEST) with the exception of public holidays (BY, D)
  • Contract for order processing (AVV): An AVV in accordance with GDPR is concluded in the course of our chargeable hosting services. The documents are available to customers in the customer area after you have placed an offical order.

Additional setup conditions (InHouse)

  • Down payment for customers outside Germany: When the final order is placed, a down payment of 100% of the ordered positions is due. The customer will receive an invoice with concrete payment information. To be paid by the customer to us before the start of work (via PayPal or bank transfer to german bank account). The remaining amount (for other services, development etc.) is then payable on completion of the work in accordance with the term of payment from our final invoice.

Our Redmine Managed Application Services

For the best possible, secure and error-free operation, we pro-actively take over the regular care, backups and maintenance of your Redmine application to prevent unauthorized access from outside and to protect sensitive project data.

We get things done

Goals you will achieve, when using our Service

  • Savings of internal resources and relief of the own IT department. And calculable costs for the operation of a current Redmine.
  • Reduction of the administrative burden and administrative obstacles, as well as fixed, monthly costs.
  • Employees and customers always use an up-to-date, secure, performant application. Security gaps are closed quickly. New functions are available at an early stage. Improvements are implemented promptly.
  • Free usage of our commercial Redmine Plugins (Enterprise+ Bundle) during support period of us.
  • Optimal integration with other applications (e.g. GitLab, Rocket.Chat, HedgeDoc) possible.

In case of problems, we help you with a quick troubleshooting. This saves you internal resources, you don't need to invest time in the necessary knowledge and you can concentrate on your own business. You decide whether this happens on your own server (InHouse) or on our Cloud.

Advantages InHouse Hosting

Advantages Managed Hosting InHouse

  • Increased data security: data is stored in your own infrastructure
  • Stepless control over hardware limits
  • No limitation (e.g. number of accesses, data volumes, users etc.)
  • Monthly budget is within a manageable range
  • Saving internal resources. Relief of the own IT department

Our support, your benefit

With our numerous support options you save internal resources and secure your project data in the long term. So you are always on the safer side.

Our Redmine operating package includes important features like:
Backup creation of your data base and Redmine files
Execution of Minor-Updates, Major-Updates, Patch-Releases and Security-Updates
Update and patch the installed plug-ins (community or third party)
Supply of functional add-ons and AlphaNodes plugins (Automation, DB, DevOps, Passwords, Reporting, HRM, Wiki Guide, ServiceDesk). Learn more
Centralized 24/7 Monitoring to safeguard critical components of your Redmine and system. Important for a smooth operation.

Professional Redmine Services

Our goal
With our help, open source software such as Redmine is professionally used, individually extended or optimally integrated into established systems. This way we bring established IT standards from large companies to medium-sized businesses. With the goal of providing transparent workflows, flexible methods and outstanding products to teams of any size and at any location.

Our focus: Implementation of digital business processes
We offer various services for this area of work. From consulting and conception to implementation, strategy and optimization.

Service Overview

Redmine Hosting on your own server (InHouse)

You want to run Redmine on your own server at your company or at a hoster of your choice? Then our InHouse-Operation Package is a possible good choice for you. It's very simple:
  1. You allocate us a Linux server instance

    • physical root server or virtual instance (Ubuntu or Debian)
    • this is located in your company or in an external data center of your choice.
    • Access to the client system via SSH directly (without VPN) and can be restricted to our IP.
  2. We take over for you

    • Professional installation, setup and operational provision of Redmine on the server
    • Implementation and maintenance of the update management for: Linux system, Redmine, installed Plugins
    • Automatic, real-time security updates of the Linux system and Redmine during operation. Backup creation, Operation and fault clearance
    • Provision of commercial Redmine plugins for free use during the support period. Our Terms and Conditions apply here.
  3. With our operating package we ensure that

    • Redmine runs stable and performant on your own server,
    • the costs are within the range that can be planned
    • you have a qualified contact person in case of emergency.


  • Support and individual services (remote)

Technical support regarding the care of the server environment (in case of malfunctions and failures) are usually included in the monthly package price. Not included are development services, consulting, user support or other (configuration) services that go beyond the technical support of the server. As well as post installation / activation of additional functionality, AddOns, Plugins, Libraries etc. Extra costs are charged for these services. A claim to support services in this context does not exist.
The operation of additional software that requires root permission for installation or operation is fundamentally not possible.

Redmine Plugins

Part of our hosting service are also our professional Redmine Plugins to boost your project management. We enable focused work with time-saving functionalities.

Best of Siegel