We offer professional pro-active Redmine hosting, support and development of your InHouse Redmine system. To offer your team an up-to-date, secure and faultless Redmine environment. And in case of emercency to provide you our contemporary help. Our service saves you time, resources and knowledge and you can focus on your actual business. Ideal when in-house operation has priority over a cloud solution.

InHouse Redmine hosting on your server

Our operation package ensures that your Redmine application operates as stable and performant as possible. At a predictable price. Our monthly hosting service includes system updates, security updates, plugin updates & our commercial plugins (DB, Reporting, Passwords, HRM) as well as monitoring of all components.

195 €*monthly net price plus 19% VAT per Redmine system

Regular Redmine updates: You work with the latest Redmine version. Possible security gaps are thus quickly closed. Your team always works with the latest features or improvements.
Regular Plugin updates: You work with compatible plugins according to your needs
Our monthly monitoring, support and maintenance includes system updates, Redmine updates, plugin updates, security updates, necessary system changes. Development services or other services are not included. Extra costs will be charged for this.
Free of charge usage of the following commercial Redmine plugins during rent period: Reporting, DB, Passwords, HRM according to our Terms & Conditions.
Monitoring, support, maintenance includes the following activities: System updates, Redmine updates, Redmine plugin updates, necessary adjustments to the existing system. Not included are development services or other services. Extra costs are incurred for this.
Advantage: And you have a competent contact person in case of emergency.

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  • Monthly price per 1 server unit / Redmine installation
  • Payment terms: prepayment
  • Minimum running time: 1 month. Termination 2 weeks before the end of rent period.
  • The free of charge usage of our commercial Redmine plugins ends with your termination of our in-house hosting service (as soon as the payment stops).
  • Additional one-time-costs will be charged for installation / system configuration / development / plugin changes according your needs. Contact us to request an offer if you agree with payment in advance (payment due immediately after contract conclusion for customers outside DE-CH-AT).
  • Activities for troubleshooting, in case of emergency or support will be charged additionally according to our usual conditions.
  • Service times in case of problems: work days (mo - fr) from 9:00am until 5:00pm (CET/CEST) with the exceptions of all public holidays in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

It’s very simple

  • You allocate us a Linux server instance:
    • physical server or virtual instance
  • We are your contact in case of problems and responsible for maintenance:
    • maintaining peripheral services and software
    • help installing, configuring and updating the software
    • security and performance monitoring
    • provide hands-on problem solving with your Redmine

Your benefits

  • Redmine / project data are stored on your server
  • No limits, low costs, fix budget
  • Manufacturers and service independent
  • More security through open source software concept
  • Stable, working project management tool
  • Tested plugins inclusive Redmine DB, Redmine Passwords, Redmine Reporting, Redmine HRM

Additional test installation

For each production environment (as described above) we also offer the setup and support of a Redming test environment. This can be used e.g. for data modeling, performance tests and plugin tests.

This involves one-time costs for setup and system configuration. The monthly usage / support fees include: the maintenance of Redmine and the plugins as on the productive environment, as well as the adjustments / maintenance of data synchronization. The above conditions also apply here.

119 €*monthly net price plus 19% VAT per test installation

Admin on demand

Not only in the course of the GDPR it is important to operate systems such as Redmine at the current state of the art. Whoever books our support package gets a reliable Redmine Administrator on demand. Our service is equally suitable for start-ups, small companies and agencies, companies with high expectations, as well as for personnel bottlenecks. The monthly budget is manageable.

*) Monthly price per server instance / Redmine installation / test installation (virtual or physical) from date of beginning of rent time. Our offer is addressed to business customers. We collect sales tax in states where it is required by law. The stated prices do not include sales tax (net price). Hosting customers can use our plugin products for free according to our hosting terms during the hosting period and while paying a monthly rent. Good to know: The following commercial Redmine plugins developed by us are part of our Redmine hosting during the hosting period: Redmine Passwords, Redmine DB, Redmine Reporting, Redmine HRM

Best of Siegel