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Redmine Reporting Plugin

The most important statistics and reports in Redmine at a glance! Easy project monitoring.
Redmine tells you what to do. Redmine Reporting shows you who’s doing it and what's really going on in your project.

Simple and easy to understand reports and analysis for Redmine

The Redmine Reporting Plugin for enterprises is a professional issue analysis plugin which provides individual reporting boxes for your Redmine home page. Setup is done in less than 5 minutes and the result are personalized reporting boxes with the issue information you are interested most! The reports to monitor your projects are simple, clearly arranged and understandable for everyone. This saves you time!

User defined reports

Dive into the depths of the issue tracking reports. With our Redmine Reporting Plugin you can analyse and measure your issue activity at a glance. The reports display the issue information of your user defined issue queries. Useful for:

  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers and Lifecycle Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Project Portfolio Managers
  • Decision makers

Get better insights.

Our Reporting plugins helps you to control, analyze and optimize your projects in an easy way. Bottlenecks will be visible and you get more transparency on what is going on in your team. And in case of emergency you get the chance to countersteer.
Reporting details

Interactive Graphs, Diagrams, Statistics - everything is in it's place.

The Reporting plugin provides useful information where you need them. At the "Home" page, the "Overview" page of your project, the issue area, the administration are and even within an issue. All reports, diagrams and graphs for your Redmine are simple, clearly arranged and easy to understand. This saves you time!
Features Out-of-the-box Reports

Easy to understand visualization.

Our plugin provides you with the opportunity to concentrate on the data you are actually interested in - by using the flexible filter options. The result: Real-time project analysis and budget control.
Online presentation Installation

Redmine Reporting Plugin

An integration full of possibilities

  • Interactive graphics and various reports
  • Real-time insights into your project budget
  • Simple sharing of relevant project reports
  • Customized overviews for every team member
  • Limited reporting access by using roles & rights
  • Issue SLA options for individual reaction / solution times
  • Visual tools to increase issue and task visibility
  • Log book for complete traceability of changes

Why are project reports relevant?

A tool like Redmine Reporting spares you from tedious and annoying discussions if something doesn't work 100%. As responsible project manager, you need to know that everything is running smoothly - and you need to know it fast. That's the only chance for your to interfere. Show everyone what you are capable of.

And as a customer or investor, you get valuable project insights - even without going into much detail. Graphics are easier to analyze than long reports. You see immediately whether everything is within the scope of quality, time and costs. This is the only way if you need to make well-founded decisions.

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And keep up to date at a glance!

Sustainable success in working with Redmine is possible with a well functioning and neatly optimized system and useful plugins like the following one.

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Redmine Reporting Plugin License

Lifetime usage rights + 12 month plugin updates & support (Terms & Conditions)


  • Guaranteed usage rights: Live time
  • 12 months of product updates and email support (DE, EN) at no added charge. Maintenance and support license can be re-newed at any time.
  • Unlimited Users & unlimited projects. For teams of all size.
  • Multilingual plugin (DE, EN, IT, FR). Product documentation in DE, EN

You do not have time or enough resources to care about your in-house Redmine system yourself? No problem at all. This Plugin is part of our monthly Redmine in-house hosting package. More details

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No additionals shipping costs (download product)! Direct plugin download after prepayment via PayPal.

249 € net price plus 19% VAT


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Plugin Compatibility

  • Required Redmine version = 3.4.x
  • Ruby: Version >= 2.2.x (recommended version: 2.4.3)
  • Redmine plugins: Additionals (latest version) free available on GitHub
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL
  • OS: Linux, OS X
  • Browser with flash: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox
  • Available language: English, German
  • License: GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)
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