The Redmine Reporting Plugin provides you real time data insights into your project and product development. Find out where you stand, identify potential risks, make informed decisions.

Redmine Reporting Plugin

Powerful ways to discover more.

The Reporting Plugin is a feature enhancement for the web based project management tool Redmine.

  • It provides you exciting new insights on your project business.
  • Helps you optimizing team work and ensures you will crush your goals.
  • Get all cross-project or project-related information you need.
Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Clear & individual.

Optimize your Redmine ticket system and monitor the current project development based on decisive quality factors. One look and you can see what is going on.

Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Easy to understand.

Focus on the data you need with our flexible filtering options. They allow you a thorough project analysis in real time. Even budget control has never been easier.

Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

All in it's place.

Get useful information where you need them. Reports, diagrams and intaractive graphs for your Redmine are simple and clearly arranged. This saves you time!

Effective weapon against time and cost killers

Monitor your projects and your team and avoid the most common difficulties in project management. Work with real-time data. This way it is easier for you to keep an eye on budget overruns, time bottlenecks, urgent tickets or important mile stones.

Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Get better insights.

Our Reporting plugins helps you to control, analyze and optimize your projects in an easy way. By using the much better project-list bottlenecks will be visible and you get more transparency on what is going on in your team. And in case of emergency you get the chance to countersteer.

Better project list

Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Focus on what matters.

Provide your users with more useful content. Our lists are simply better. Searchable, filterable, individually storable, exportable, printable with company logo. Applicable for project list, version list, file list.

Central version list

Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Total progress always in view.

Check the current status of your project. Compare the progress with other projects. Analyze the results. The Issue Progress Status Bar helps.

Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Even more flexibility.

Flexibility is an essential component of service-oriented companies. The Reporting Plugin takes individual hourly rates into account. Per budget, per project, per user. Useful if hourly rates are agreed individually.

A remarkable product for exceptional customers

Our goal is to deliver a high quality product with real added value to demanding customers. Change your daily work with Redmine, now.

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Redmine Plugin Reporting Features

Achieve more with the right data.

  • Visual tools & customizable reports to increase task visibility
  • Real-time insights into your project budget
  • Simple sharing of relevant project reports (PDF, CSV, XLSX)
  • Limited access by using roles & rights
  • Issue SLA options for individual reaction / solution times
  • Log book for complete traceability of changes

Analysis, monitoring and optimization of projects is important

A tool like Redmine Reporting spares you from tedious and annoying discussions if something doesn’t work 100%. As responsible project manager, you need to know that everything is running smoothly - and you need to know it fast. That’s the only chance for your to interfere. Show everyone what you are capable of.

And as a customer or investor, you get valuable project insights - even without going into much detail. Graphics are easier to analyze than long reports. You see immediately whether everything is within the scope of quality, time and costs. This is the only way if you need to make well-founded decisions.

Simply powerful.

The Redmine Reporting Plugin gives your team the security, structure, governance and flexibility to do their best work, no matter the scale.
Bring your work forward and get everything you need much easier and in different ways. See what’s included in our demo.

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Redmine Plugin Reporting Optimization

Optimize & Personalization

  • User defined, personalized project lists (as table view or Treemap)
  • PDF export of reports and lists (Corporate Branding)
  • Business reports (project related, cross-project)
    • Groupable spent time reports
    • Projects with exceeded budget
    • Projects with exceeded planning hours
    • Issues with exceeded planning hours
    • Spent time project list (Sums)
    • Planned – actual data report
    • Overdue issues
  • Usable for work happening within one project, between multiple projects, or across your company
  • Searchable / filterable version list, cross-project (ideal for agile teams)
Redmine Plugin Reporting Segmentation

Analyze & Segmentation

  • Use Tagging for projects
  • SLA function for various issues priorities
  • Task analyzation according to different criteria
    • Issue status division
    • Issue category and tracker division
    • Get an overview on the assigned issues
    • Important insights on overdue issues
    • Comparison of estimated and logged hours on tasks
    • Tree Map chart for estimated and spent times
    • Average issue lifetime graph
  • Issue related: Round Trips, Issue lifetime and history lists on issue metrics.
  • Custom query counter boxes (Issues, Reports, Logs, DB entries, Passwords)
Redmine Plugin Reporting Monitoring

Monitoring & Automation

  • Management of project budget and hourly rates
  • Monitor project relevant activities via diverse info boxes (Watch list, User logins)
  • Redmine statistics / system statistics for users with administration rights
  • System wide log book for security and overall activity monitoring
  • Filterable file list for cross-project file uploads

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Redmine Reporting Plugin: Personas

Built for digital teams to manage, develop and sell scaling products and services.

IT management, Project managers and Lifecycle managers
Redmine Reportings graphical evaluations, reports and flexible filterable lists for project data, tasks, spent time on project budget ensures that you achieve your goals more effectively than the average. Engage your team and become more effective and smarter every day in terms of where to focus your efforts.
Marketing leads
Keep your customers invested. Provide a seamless customer experience across sales and marketing. Ensure that 100% of your marketing budget is invested into the right tasks and not spent too much on unplanned stuff.
Decision makers, Executives, Leadership
Full visibility into your team’s activities lets you know each rep is engaging every stakeholder with the right messaging. And everything’s logged to your Redmine history to learn from it for later projects. Never worry about data accuracy again.
Business teams and operational team members
The Reporting plugin integrates flawlessly with your Redmine. It provides litte fine-tune integrations to meet your team members needs for more productivity and usability. And ensure your team adheres to your defined process so you get the right data.

Our development base is Munich (Germany). Documentation and support available in: EN, DE. Plugin: Multilingual. Plugin is also available as Cloud solution. We will rock your Redmine.

Our plugins will suit your needs!

Our Redmine plugins are multilingual and a good choice if you want to work productively. 12 month support & updates included.

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