The Redmine Reporting Plugin provides you with clear graphics and understandable reports on important project data in real time. Find out where you stand, identify potential risks, make informed decisions.

Redmine Reporting Plugin

The most important statistics and reports in Redmine at a glance!

The Reporting Plugin is a feature enhancement for Redmine and shows how successful and efficient your project team really is. Organize your projects with Open Source and get visual feedback with our Redmine Reporting Plugin.

Useful for:

  • Project managers
  • IT management and Lifecycle managers
  • Decision-makers and executives
  • Project portfolio manager
  • Business teams of all kinds

Effective weapon against time and cost killers

The Reporting Plugin is a professional plugin for detailed analysis of issue and project activities. It monitors your projects and creates informative reports, graphics (graphical evaluations) and statistics for your project in Realtime. Easy to install, quick to configure, ready to use. This way it is easier for you to keep an eye on budget overruns, time bottlenecks, urgent tickets or important projects.

Clear, understandable, individual.

Optimize your Redmine ticket system and monitor the current project development based on decisive quality factors. One look and you can see what is going on.

Get better insights.

Our Reporting plugins helps you to control, analyze and optimize your projects in an easy way. Bottlenecks will be visible and you get more transparency on what is going on in your team. And in case of emergency you get the chance to countersteer.

Interactive Graphs, Diagrams, Statistics - everything is in it's place.

The Reporting plugin provides useful information where you need them. At the “Home” page, the “Overview” page of your project, the issue area, the administration are and even within an issue. All reports, diagrams and graphs for your Redmine are simple, clearly arranged and easy to understand. This saves you time!

Easy to understand visualization.

Focus on the data you need with our flexible filtering options. They allow you a thorough project analysis in real time. Even budget control has never been easier

Wow that's "Awesome."

Let your creativity run wild. The plugin offers the possibility to add chic Font Awesome icons to different places - for more overview and fun at work.

Set individual project rates.

Flexibility is an essential component of service-oriented companies and service providers who look after different customers or handle several projects. The Reporting plugin takes individual hourly rates per project and user into account in the budget calculation. Useful if hourly rates are agreed individually.

An integration full of possibilities

  • Interactive graphics and various reports
  • Real-time insights into your project budget
  • Simple sharing of relevant project reports
  • Customized overviews for every team member
  • Limited reporting access by using roles & rights
  • Issue SLA options for individual reaction / solution times
  • Visual tools to increase issue and task visibility
  • Log book for complete traceability of changes


Why are project reports relevant?

A tool like Redmine Reporting spares you from tedious and annoying discussions if something doesn’t work 100%. As responsible project manager, you need to know that everything is running smoothly - and you need to know it fast. That’s the only chance for your to interfere. Show everyone what you are capable of.

And as a customer or investor, you get valuable project insights - even without going into much detail. Graphics are easier to analyze than long reports. You see immediately whether everything is within the scope of quality, time and costs. This is the only way if you need to make well-founded decisions.

Project reports

  • Groupable time entries
  • Projects with exceeded budget
  • Projects with exceeded planning hours
  • Time entry report project list
  • Issue amount report project list
  • Planned - actual data report
  • Overdue issues
  • User defined project lists (table view or Gantt diagram)
  • Repport export in PDF (Corporate Branding)
  • Usable for work happening within one project, between multiple projects, or across your company

Issue analysis

  • SLA issues and reports for various issue priorities
  • Display the issue status division
  • Show the issue category and tracker division
  • Get an overview on the assigned issues
  • Receive important insights on overdue issues
  • Average issue lifetime graph
  • Find out about the work load by a glance at the estimated and used hours for an issue
  • Within the issue details the reporting plugin implements the so called Round Trips and tells you all about the issue life time
  • Individual issue query counter boxes

System monitoring

  • Redmine and system analysis for administrative users to watch over the technical foundations.
  • System wide log book for administrational users and safety representative
  • Wiki activity indexing to provide info on how the wiki functionality is used at all
  • Latest user login monitoring
  • Watchlist info box
  • Spent time distribution of all projects to analyse the project performance

Our development base is Munich (Germany). Documentation and support available in: EN, DE. Plugin: Multilingual. Test plugin functionality here

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