Test the latest Redmine version and the functions of our Redmine Plugins. Our public Redmine demo shows you the functionality of Redmine the way we provide it to our customers when using our Redmine hosting service. You get also the chance to test the plugin functions before purchase. We do not offer personal trial versions or restricted plugin demos. Use this free demo for your testing purpose.

Demo account Redmine version 5.1.x

The content and settings will be regularly reseted. In order to get an impression how Redmine is used by the role administrator and user, we have activated both user roles for you.

Demo URLredmine-demo.alphanodes.net
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(restricted rights)
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Administration account Login
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Redmine Demo reset every weekend.

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Demo of Redmine and the following Plugins

Note: Our plugins support Redmine v5.1x! Redmine v4 support has been dropped. If you want to use the functions, you need to update your Redmine according to our minimum requirements. older plugin versions are not available.

Info about Redmine

Redmine is an open source bug tracking and issue management system, written in Ruby on Rails. It is an allround talent and extensible by a lot of additional features. It is useful for several industries and businesses and useful even as stand-alone system in the following use-cases.