The Redmine Additional Tags Plugin allows marking entities in Redmine with tags. If you use redmine_tags or redmineup_tags you can switch to this plugin without problems. Because existing tags can be migrated. additional_tags uses its own database tables, to prevent conflicts with other plugins (e.g. redmine_knowledgebase, redmine_contacts, etc.)

Free Redmine Plugin Additional Tags

Available on GitHub

You host Redmine yourself and want to use this Plugin? System requirements and Plugin download, as well as support requests at GitHub.

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Redmine Managed Hosting

The Redmine Additional Tags Plugin to tag issues and wiki pages is part of our Redmine hosting offer, if required. If you need Redmine or Redmine Plugin support or do not want to host Redmine yourself our Redmine Hosting is perfect for you. This way you can fully concentrate on your business and work with an up-to-date, secure working environment.

Support for Selfhosting user via GitHub, only. If you are not a AlphaNodes hosting customer use the issue tracker on GitHub for community support. Other support requests via eMail are not processed by us.


  • Tags for issues
  • Tags for wiki pages
  • Accented and non-latin characters supported for tag order
  • View, edit and create tag permissions for issues
  • Create permission for wiki tags
  • Managing tags
  • Custom tags and tagging tables (additional_tags and additional_taggings). If a other plugin used tags or tagging tables for issue or wiki tagging, there tags will be migrated automatically
  • Based on the very popular acts-as-taggable-on