Administrator rights are required to change configurations. In normal everyday life you should never work with administrator permissions for security reasons and to reduce errors due to wrong usage. The Redmine Sudo Plugin helps you to do this.

Free Redmine Sudo Plugin

Available on GitHub

You host Redmine yourself and want to use this Plugin? System requirements and Plugin download at GitHub.


  1. In general, no one should work in Redmine with administrator permissions to perform project management tasks.

  2. In general, not everyone in the company should be given administrator rights just because they hold a management position.

This permission is only necessary if there is something to be set in the Redmine configuration that affects access rights, workflow adjustments, changes to trackers or ticket status information, email configurations, etc.

If you use administrator permissions to do your daily work:

  • you represent a high security risk for Redmine and the data it contains.
  • you increase the risk of operating errors if used improperly
  • you cannot detect or reproduce possible errors in the access authorization of other roles
  • you make troubleshooting of incorrect settings (especially for shared administrator accounts) more complicated

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Important features

  • Redmine User can switch to admin permission, if necessary
  • User with admininistrator permission can drop admin permission easily
  • Multilingual

Plugin PROs

  • No extra user with admin permissions is required. ** Common use case is, to create a user called “admin” for it and multiple other users use it.

  • Fast switch between admin permission and default user permission. ** You just activate it, re-enter your password (if required), work as administrator.

  • Automatically timeout of working time with admin permission. ** This can be configured with sudo_mode_timeout. After a specific time period of doing nothing you are automatically logged out as administrator and proceed doing your work with the regular permissions.

This plugin breaks Redmine default: If a user has to have admin permisson, he has not this permission after login. He/she must switch to it (with top menu toggle) to get it. Redmine sudo-mode is used for time period and requesting password to switch to admin permission.