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Redmine HRM Plugin

The Redmine HRM Plugin (HRM = Human Resource Management) supports companies in planning their employee resources. Efficient planning, control and analysis of capacities, absences and assignments for your projects and services is now fairly simple. Redmine itself is easy to use. It can be used to manage countless projects at the same time. The more complex a project becomes, the more projects run in parallel, the larger the team, the more important it is to keep an eye on the capacities of the employees when planning new projects. Adding our HRM plugin you keep track of project resources - no matter how complex a project is.

  • Which employee is involved in which projects?
  • Who in the team still has time reserves left and who is overloaded?
  • Are there resource bottlenecks that endanger the completion of a project?
Redmine HRM Plugin

Identify your time resources

The HRM plugin is a feature enhancement for Redmine v3.4.x and extends our reporting plugin to the possibility of resource planning. It covers the temporal utilization of the team members and supports you with a realistic project planning.

Project managers' first choice

As project manager you want to protect your team members from stressful situations. Our HRM plugin helps you to identify work overload and distribute project time in a better way.
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Redmine HRM Plugin
Redmine HRM Plugin

Manage employee time management

Every modern workforce that works globally needs an easy solution to manage it's team absence policies, time accruals, time-off requests like vacation and record working hours as well as home office hours. That's why Redmine's integrated HRM solution is the best way for you and your employee. To get real-time project capacities and to allow your team members to manage their own HR activities with custom built-in self-service capabilities for absence and attendance management.

A single platform - a case full of options

  • Time and attendance management
  • Assignment of supervisors for granting approvals
  • Defining custom user types (internal, external, customer etc.)
  • Assigning individual permissions and menus per user type
  • Centralized overview and distribution of project resources
  • Enables realistic calculation of workload and budget
  • Minimizes risk to endanger project goals
  • Enables in-time resource recruiting (Freelancer, Experts, Employees)

Why is resource planning important in project management?

A tool like Redmine HRM helps you as a project manager to estimate the time scheduling and expected costs realistically. If there are any deviations, you can take timely countermeasures. The HRM extension gives you the overview you need. Even if you are in charge of many or complex projects. This is the only way to ensure your customers a high reliability of project planning.

You need your team to stay motivated. This requires an easy-to-use tool for the necessary tasks as an employee. With Redmine HRM your employees can easily record any type of absence and attendance provided by you. They get real-time insight into their overtime and balances. And your project manager gets real-time insights in the availability of the resources for the upcoming projects. Useful for:

- Project Managers
- HR Managers
- IT Managers and Lifecycle Managers
- Business owners and Decisions makers

Redmine HRM Plugin License

Test the functionality now - in our online demo. Go-Live: coming soon by end of 2nd quarter 2018.


  • Redmine Reporting Plugin v1.5.3
  • Redmine v3.4.x or higher


  • Unlimited Users. For teams of all size.
  • 12 month update & support 1)
  • Customer area access
  • Available in your language: EN, DE and well documented
  • Guaranteed usage rights: Live time (Terms & Conditions)

You do not have time or enough resources to care about your in-house Redmine system yourself? No problem at all. This Plugin is part of our monthly Redmine in-house hosting package. More details

1) from date of purchase

Plugin Compatibility

  • Required Redmine version = 3.4.x
  • Ruby: Version >= 2.2.x (recommended version: 2.4.3)
  • Redmine plugins: Additionals (latest version) free available on GitHub
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL
  • OS: Linux, OS X
  • Browser with flash: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox
  • Available language: English, German
  • License: GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)
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