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What if you could plan employee capacities more effectively and achieve even more?

Keep an eye on your staff capacities at all times. Reduce your risk. Because this is the only way for you to successfully complete projects and meet deadlines finally.

Perfect planning tool for transparent resource management in Redmine. Automatized and agile. For better planning and execution of projects and tasks in a Team.

Use Case
Resource planning

Employee planning on tasks that need to be done and by when (forecast) for various time scopes

Use Case
Work time tracking

Timesheets based on actual attendance entries with export to Excel, CSV, PDF for various time scopes

Use Case
Team Reports

The filterable HRM reports contain entered attendance (e.g. office, remote, vacation), project member list, user list

Resource management in Redmine: Redmine HRM

Redmine HRM Plugin (HRM = Human Resource Management) supports companies in planning their employee resources. With the help of integrated automatisms you can optimize schedules, project staffing and workload within Redmine effortlessly and flexibly.

Absences and assignments for your projects and services is now fairly simple. Redmine itself is easy to use. It can be used to manage countless projects at the same time. Requirements: Redmine Reporting Plugin.

Redmine Plugin HRM Feature

Identify your time resources instantly

The HRM plugin is a feature enhancement for Redmine and extends our reporting plugin to the possibility of resource planning. It covers the temporal utilization of the team members and supports you with a realistic project planning.

Various views

Redmine Plugin HRM Feature

Project managers' first choice

As project manager you want to protect your team members from stressful situations. Our HRM plugin helps you to identify work overload and distribute project time in a better way.

Redmine Plugin HRM Feature

Identify and solve problems. Easily.

The plugin comes with informational tool tipps and hints on resource allocation problems. Use them and fix them in order to guarantee a smooth project time line.

Attendance management in Redmine: Redmine HRM

Redmine HRM Plugin also supports companies in vacation planning and equips your personnel department with a uniform tool. With the help of the integrated presence and absence management, you can keep track of whether and when employees are working for your company.

Redmine Plugin HRM Feature

Manage employee time management

Every modern workforce that works globally needs an easy solution to manage its team absence policies, time accruals, time-off requests like vacation and record working hours as well as home office hours. That is why Redmine integrated HRM solution is the best way for you and your employee.

Attendance management

Vacation planning via absence calendar

Vacation planning via absence calendar

Always keep track of all absences of your employees. With the integrated absence calendar you can manage holidays, special leave, trainings and other absences directly in Redmine.

Absence calendar

Employee Self Service for employees in Redmine

Employee Self Service for employees

Reduce the administrative work for the human resources department and increase the personal responsibility of your employees. An important basis for self-organized teams and for avoiding micromanagement.

Employee Self Service

Requirements: The HRM plugin requires the commercial Redmine Reporting Plugin as base. Both plugins are available as bundle. It will not work as “Stand-alone”.

Better resource planning with less overhead.

The Redmine HRM plugin gives your team the leadership and flexibility they need to do a better job. Time-saving resource management that allows you and your employees to self-manage tasks using necessary automation. To have more time left for the actual work.

Plugin demo

Redmine Plugin Dashboard Support

Dashboard Support

You decide what's important to you.

Dashboards are a great way to view all relevant project metrics in one place. With numerous available dashboard blocks, users can access issue data easier, track project progress, better analyze plugin-related data and much more!

Features for more team power and effortless growth

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Improve productivity. Accelerate goals. Make your team happy.

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