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Get the most out of Redmine. Our premium plugins extend the functionality of Redmine. In our Web Seminars you will learn how to work more effectively with them.

Redmine HRM plugin

Redmine Plugin Web Seminar HRM

How to set up the absence calendar

Target: Administrator, User
Duration: 15 Minutes

Get the absence calendar working for vacation planning. Step-by-step guide.

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Redmine HRM Plugin IntroductionsDuration
Redmine HRM Plugin Demo for project manager
If you are a project manager and plan project work for your team get to know the resource planning view
10 min.Slideshow
Redmine HRM Plugin Introduction for Administrators
Redmine HRM administrators get a short introduction on how to configure the Redmine HRM plugin. Subject: Activate resource planning view.
10 min.Slideshow
Redmine HRM Plugin Introduction for user
Redmine HRM users who are new to Redmine HRM Plugin will become familiar with the plugin functionality and navigation.
10 min.Slideshow
Redmine HRM Plugin Introduction for decision makers
Get to know Redmine HRM Plugin and it’s main functions. Find out how you will profit from this plugin.
5 min.Slideshow
Redmine HRM Plugin Quick start for HR department, Administrators
In our quickstart guide you learn how to easily set up the first steps before using our resource management plugin with your Redmine installation.
5 min.Slideshow
HRM Feature Guide for decision makers: Holiday management
In our feature guide on our resource management plugin we introduce you to using it for holiday management.
5 min.Slideshow
3 Resource management views for users
Learn the difference between the three different resource views.
7 min.Slideshow
Redmine HRM Plugin How-Tos (EN)
How to log your attendance in Redmine
Redmine HRM Plugin Resource planning views
How to use the dashboard in Redmine HRM
How-To: Monthly attendance sheet creation

Redmine Reporting plugin

Redmine Plugins Dashboard Guide

Redmine Plugins Dashboard Usage

Target: Users, Administrators
Duration: 4 Minutes

Learn how to use the new dasbboard function with Redmine DB, Reporting, Passwords, HRM.

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Redmine Reporting Plugin Web Seminar: Productivity

Boost your team productivity

Target: Users, Decision makers
Duration: 10 Minutes

The Redmine Reporting Plugin provides various functions for more productivity. We present 4 productivity features.

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Redmine Plugin Web Seminar SLA issues

Reporting Plugin SLAs

Target: Users, Decision makers
Duration: 5 Minutes

Get to know the SLA function for issues of the Redmine Reporting plugin.

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Redmine Plugin Web Seminar Reporting

Reporting Plugin Counter Boxes

Target: Administrator
Duration: 5 Minutes

Get work done with the counter boxes of Redmine Reporting. Find out more about this plugin function to provide your team an easy start with Redmine.

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Redmine Plugin Webinar Reporting

Redmine Reporting Plugin Introduction

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 5 Minutes

Redmine Reporting is an add-on for Redmine, that provides professional reports, analysis and graphs for your Redmine system. Find out more about the plugin functionality.

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Redmine Automation plugin

Redmine Plugin Web Seminar Automation

Redmine Automation Plugin Introduction

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 5 Minutes

Redmine Automation is a professional Redmine addon for workflow automation in Redmine.

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Redmine Automation Plugin How-TosDuration
Redmine Automation How-To: Auto-Close issues
Learn how to auto-close inactive old issues.
4 min.Slideshow
Redmine Automation How-To: send user welcome emails
Learn how to send an automatic welcome email to new users.
3 min.Slideshow
Redmine Automation How-To: Update due date on high priority issues
Learn how to automatically change the due date of high priority tasks.
3 min.Slideshow


Redmine Plugin Online Training Wiki Guide

Wiki Guide Plugin for better knowledge management

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 7 Minutes

The Wiki Guide plugin extends the traditional Redmine Wiki with useful knowledge management features.

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Redmine Plugin Online Training Service Desk

ServiceDesk Plugin for your support team

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 10 Minutes

The Redmine Service Desk Plugin improves the handling of support requests in Redmine by providing useful features.

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Redmine Plugin Online Training DevOps

DevOps Plugin GitHub Setup

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 5 Minutes

Redmine DevOps integrates information from external DevOps tools into Redmine. Learn how to connect a GitHub account.

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Redmine Plugin Web Seminar DB

Redmine DB Plugin Introduction

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 2 Minutes

Redmine DB is a Redmine addon for digital asset management. Learn how you can profit from it.

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Redmine Plugin Web Seminar Additionals Dashboard

Dashboards for Redmine

Target: Decision makers
Duration: 4 Minutes

Get to know the new dashboard function of the Additionals plugin for Redmine.

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Redmine Introduction Web Seminar

Redmine Introduction

Target: Users, Decision makers
Duration: 6 Minutes

In this tutorial we introduce you to Redmine. Find out how to use it for and what you can do in Redmine. Finally we show you how to get around.

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Redmine Web Seminar Macros

Redmine Macros Cheat Sheet

Target: Users
Work more effective with Redmine by using macros. In your issues, your wiki. Find out what macro comes with what plugin.

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