Get work done with Redmine Reporting counter boxes

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Claudia Meindl

Presented by: Claudia Meindl, Redmine Expert

Hello and welcome to our about 5 minutes lasting best practice session on how to use Redmine Reporting Plugin functionality to get work done.

Our best practice session on Redmine Reporting

covers the following sections:

  • Query groups
  • Custom queries
  • Counters


Not every user likes never ending To-Do-Lists. Even we know how they can destroy enthusiasm for one's work. That's why we have implemented the so called Counter boxes of the Redmine Reporting Plugin.

Redmine Reporting Plugin

They help to visualize the work that needs to be done in a more user friendly way.

They also make it easier for new employees to get started in Redmine.

The configuration takes place after you have installed the required plugin.

The configuration must be made by a user with administration rights in the plugin settings.

Let's get started

Query groups

Go to the plugin settings and create Query groups you need for your team. Define where to display them. A good start in general are the following one's:

  • My Issues (what do I have to do)
  • Team Issues (what are other's working on)
Go to -> Administration / Reporting / Query groups. There you add new one's or edit existing one's and position them.

Custom queries

Now you need public (to any users & for all projects) available custom queries for issues, that fit your needs. A good start in general are the following one's:

  • To Do (for your tasks)
  • To Do (for the whole team)
  • Feedback required
  • Watched by me
Go to -> Projects / Issues. Use the Filters and Options to create and save all your required custom queries.

Activate counter boxes

To make your saved queries available in your Query groups you need to edit them and activate the counter box section. Watch the upcoming video to see how.

Select the custom query of your choice. Open the Edit mode. Scroll down to the section Counter box and activate it. Select a query group and fill out the required information according to your needs.


Some information on counter box configuration options.

Query group After activating the box you assign it to an available query group via mouse click
Name Use a short name for display
Icon Assign a funny icon
Color Choose a nice color for the box
Weight Position the counter box in the query group via weight number
Threshold options Activate the Threshold if you wish to make the counter box only visible when a certain threshold number has been reached. Otherwise it will be hidden.


You are ready to go!

Thank you!

For further information on how to use the plugin download the documentation in our support area (accessable for customers, only).

Redmine Reporting plugin

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