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Hello and welcome to our introduction session on Redmine Reporting Plugin in about 2 minutes.

You probably know already that:

Knowledge is power. Start using it.

AlphaNodesRedmine stores all your project data in one place.
AlphaNodesRedmine Reporting makes all your project data, metrics and insights visible.

Redmine Reporting

Allowing every team in your organization to do it's best work. Ideal plugin for any business team:

IT teams

Let's take a closer look at

Redmine Reporting Plugin

  • Be "up-to-date"
  • Make faster decisions
  • Be better organized

Be "up-to-date"

Version list

Reporting plugin Redmine: Version list

Be up-to-date on your issues using the version list.

Filterable project list

Reporting plugin Redmine: Project list

Be up-to-date on your spent time and costs with the filterable project list. Export available in PDF, CSV, XLSX

Project budget

Reporting plugin Redmine: Project budget

Be up-to-date on your project planning working with various budget settings and individual rates.

Make faster decisions

Flexible project list

Reporting plugin Redmine: Project progress bar

Make faster decisions with all relevant information in one place. Analyse, compare and explore every aspect of your projects.


Reporting plugin Redmine: Project reports

Make faster business decisions and get better insights with flexible project reports. Available in PDF, CSV, XLSX

Graphical visualisations

Reporting plugin Redmine: Project graphs

Make faster project decisions on base of graphical information. Useful diagrams where you need them.

Be better organized

Issue SLA

Reporting plugin Redmine: SLA

Be better organized and keep track of your team's progress against agreements via simple SLA.

Counter boxes

Reporting plugin Redmine: counter boxes

Be better organized using counter boxes. To make it easier for users to find relevant areas at a glance.

Font Awesome Icons

Reporting plugin Redmine: font awesome

Be better organized using font awesome symbols. For more visual fun at work.

Awesome features

The Redmine Reporting Plugin comes with a lot of awesome functions.

Where to find them

The Redmine Reporting Plugin functions may be integrated into Redmine on various places.

The Redmine home page. The project page. In the top menu or the app menu. The issue view etc.

Redmine Administrator

Redmine users with administration rights control what functions a user has access to and where they are implemented.


Redmine Reporting Plugin

For every team.

For every project.



Knowledge is power!

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