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Hello and welcome to our introduction session on Redmine Automation Plugin in about 5 minutes.

Redmine Automation Plugin

Redmine Automation is a powerful tool to automate workflows and other project related content in Redmine.

Some facts


Did you know, that 69% of management activities will be fully automated by 2024?
Source: Report by research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) from 2020 on the topic - Predicts 2020: AI and the Future of Work & Barriers Fall as Technology Adoption Grows


Did you know, that 77% of employees are not afraid of automation, but have a positive view of it?
Source: Survey of the german randstadkorrespondenten (Online-Magazin workforce360) from 2017 among 1200 readers on the topic - automation of the working world.


Did you know, that employees are more productive, when ?
Free your employees from the burden of manual tasks by using Automation to make them happy.
Source: according to a 2019 Research project by Oxford University's Saïd Business School.

How does Automation work?

3 things, that are part of an automation rule
Triggers When it will happen.
Issue created, Issue status changed, User logged in etc.
Conditions If this is the case.
Those are your cross-project available Redmine filters for issues, projects, users etc.
Actions Then something will happen.
Transition issue, Add comment, Edit issue, Webhook etc.

Automation rule example

Redmine Automation Plugin

Where does Automation happen?

The basic configuration takes place in the Administration section of Redmine. By a user with administration permission.

>> Administration / Plugins / Automation

Automation rules are setup in the plugin configuration section "Rules"

AlphaNodes GmbH

When does Automation happen?

AlphaNodes GmbH

Based on the selected Trigger for the Automation rule. The action takes place event-based or time-based.

Trigger Examples

User login, Save an issue, Save a project, Save a DB entry, Save a spent time entry, Save an user Scheduled event for users, issues, projects, DB entries, spent time entries (e.g. once a month, every friday, daily etc.)

Once the automation rules are created. Automation takes place whenever something happens in your Redmine or a certain time has occurred for an action. Your users themselves don't have much influence, except that they fire the trigger.

Do you need some use case examples?

Assign issue processors automatically

You can specify issue conditions and automatically assign those issue to someone special in your team.

Redmine Automation Plugin Useful for external customer service or internal IT Teams

Auto-close issues

You can specify issue conditions to inform participants about the issue closure due to inactivity.

Redmine Automation Plugin Useful for external customer service or internal IT Teams

Escalation eMails

You can specify conditions to escalate specific actions via mail like exceedance of SLA, Budget, Costs, Due dates etc.

Redmine Automation Plugin Useful for Support Teams, Project managers, Stakeholders

Webhooks, Rake commands, Shell commands

You can inform external services by specifying conditions and trigger a webhook, a rake command or a shell command.

Redmine Automation Plugin Useful for Redmine administrators, DevOps and internal IT Teams

Select your actions

Dependent on the selected trigger and the installed plugins you have various actions to choose from.

Redmine Automation Plugin

Automate your key processes

It's up to you to think about cool stuff you can automate in Redmine. Use AlphaNodes no code Automation Plugin to implement your custom processes in project management and task management.

Redmine Automation Plugin

We think, that Redmine Automation Plugin will change the way you work.
It will support you to be more consistent with completing deliverables.

Visit our Redmine Automation Plugin product page to learn more.

AlphaNodes GmbH

Redmine Automation plugin

Work smart, not hard!

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