Redmine HRM

Professional plugin for Redmine

Created by AlphaNodes, 2016-2020. Use the Space key or the arrow keys to navigate through all slides.

Hello and welcome to our introduction session on Redmine HRM Plugin in about 5 minutes.

Redmine HRM is a resource management and team planning solution that
seamlessly integrates into Redmine

Visualize & plan

Our HRM plugin helps teams
to visualize and plan team resources

Better planning

Teams working with Redmine can
realize its benefits for better planning
and execution of projects and tasks
by using Redmine HRM

Say goodbye

to external planning tools or spreadsheets.

Say hello

Redmine HRM Plugin

It is part of our Redmine plugin family

AlphaNodes GmbH

Knowledge is Power

Make your Redmine project management tool more powerful with Redmine HRM plugin.

Redmine HRM Plugin

Team planning

Redmine HRM Plugin

Know how bussy or available your team is at a glance.
Push projects and releases forward.

Iteration capacity planning

Redmine HRM Plugin

Organize your teams work when using time boxed plans is made easy.

Visualized Resource Management

Redmine HRM Plugin

Find available team members to work on projects. Including other members across your company.

Custom resource filters make it a flexible and powerful tool for every organization. Filter users by team role, department, group or other job position is easy.

Redmine HRM helps project teams of different industries:

  • to visualize and
  • plan team resources

Useful for:

  • Project managers
  • Team leads (Superiors)
  • Team members

Using Redmine HRM you benefit from

  • better project time planning for internal AND external resources
  • preservation and promotion of employability of all employees
  • timely recruitment of qualified personnel


  • easy project planning even with flexible working time models
  • real-time resource management reports
  • timely recruitment support

Function overview

Redmine HRM Plugin Overview

Main features of Redmine HRM

  • Real-time resource capacity schedule
  • Individual HRM permissions and user menus
  • 3 ways of project resource allocation:
    • project wide,
    • project related,
    • user related
  • Management of various attendance types (e.g. office, home office, holiday)
  • Management of personnel attendance entries
  • Treemap visualization for planned hours, available hours, working hours not allocated.

Redmine HRM plugin

Make your project management more powerful!

AlphaNodes GmbH

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