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Simple user management with Redmine HRM plugin

Learn which functions the user administration of the Redmine HRM Plugin offers to organize users in an easy-to-use way.

July 2019: AlphaNodes Plugin Updates v2.0.3 available

New versions of our commercial Redmine plugins (Reporting, DB, Passwords and HRM) available. This is new.

Use #tags to organize your projects

#tags are a fantastic way to categorize, prioritize or track your projects. And the great thing about tags is that they are absolutely flexible. So you can use them at your convenience.

Leave management and attendance tracking with Redmine

The Redmine resource management plugin Redmine HRM comes with an integrated and pleasant to use leave management and attendance tracker.

Allow user management in Redmine to non-admin users

Learn how to create, edit or lock users in Redmine by using the Redmine HRM Plugin without accessing the administration area (as non-admin user).

Identify and resolve overwork in project teams

Learn how to use the Redmine HRM Plugin within a project to see which team members are overworked, and how to solve these problems.

Redmine Resource Management: Daily View

Learn all about the detailed daily view of the resource management plugin for Redmine (Redmine HRM Plugin).

3 Ansible Playbooks you should try

Configuration management tools such as Ansible facilitate the entry into automation. And already finished Ansible Playbooks save time.

Professional Redmine Plugins: Feature Updates February 2019

Learn which improvements the new Redmine plugin versions 2.0 offer your project team.

Extended user profile with the professional Redmine Plugin: HRM

Learn how the HRM Plugin reworks a Redmine user account so that all relevant information is available faster.

Characteristics of ineffective project teams

How project managers uncover ineffective teams with the Reporting plugin.

Getting Things Done in Project Management with Redmine

Based on the GTD method in Redmine finally see how to get things done.

How to convince your Boss you need Redmine Reporting to boost your work

Involve colleagues, use comparison to expensive commercial solutions, name some useful reports that provide more insights.

Open Source Project Management Software: Redmine Version 4.0.0 released. That's new.

Redmine 4.0.0 was released on December 9th. Here we inform you about new features and changes of the version.

Make it easier for users to implement macros for the Redmine Wiki

Short introduction: The macro button of the Additionals Plugin for the Wiki Toolbar of Redmine.

Resource planning: from micromanagement to self-management

Those who want to work more efficiently and promote the self-management of their project team must move away from micromanagement.

Check on assigned issues for projects

Short introduction: The report of the reporting plugin, which shows assigned tickets in a project to the project manager.

Average Issue Lifetime in Project Management

Short introduction: The report of the average issue lifetime of the Reporting Plugin for Project Managers.

Redmine Plugin Updates: We're getting better and better

Our developers have once again given everything to release a new version of all our plugins.

My personal Top 5 Features of the Redmine Reporting Plugin

The Reporting Plugin is a useful extension for companies that still have big plans with Redmine.