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3 ways quickly search an issue in Redmine

The Redmine Reporting Plugin provides a great way to give your staff team a more efficient access to issues.

5 reasons to use a workload management tool

How busy is your project team? What way do you have to identify who is overworked and who is under-utilized?

Tip: Link issues in Redmine

In our tip you will learn what Redmine issues are linked to and how to keep track of linked issues.

Redmine macro to display content in different languages on a single Wiki page

Do you need to add content in different languages to a single Redmine Wiki page? The condition macro of the Wiki Guide plugin is perfect for that purpose.

Generate alerts with the Automation Plugin

With the right plugin for Redmine, you can automatically send work notifications as soon as certain incidents occur.

How to use the Automation and DB Plugin in Asset Management

Here's a tip from a customer who uses the Automation plugin in combination with the DB plugin to manage his project-related assets within Redmine.

3 reasons why ticket automation improves the work with Redmine

In every company, there are tasks that are repeated over and over again. With the help of automation triggered by certain issue actions, you no longer need to perform such routine activities manually.

Improve issue handling, facilitate task tracking.

The Redmine Reporting Plugin provides a great way to give your staff faster, more efficient access to tickets. Here's how.

With the new version 3.0.3 of our flexible Redmine plugins we support your growth

The new August version makes it easier for you to further expand your business and inspires with more great features.

Resource allocation for agile project teams using Redmine

Looking for a visual planning tool for resources across all projects to escape typical planning horror in agile teams? Take a look at this post.

Redmine GitLab integration

Track GitLab activities from within Redmine.

Redmine GitHub integration

Track GitHub activities from within Redmine.

Resubmission of issues in Redmine

Your agents can't complete tasks right away and want to set issues to an individual resubmission? Learn how to solve this problem with the Redmine Automation Plugin.

Better Redmine issue list

The issue list is one of the most important areas you will work with. Learn about the benefits of the Reporting plugin to make the issue list deliver even better results.

How teams can optimize their resource allocation in Redmine using Redmine HRM Plugin

Improve resource planning for your project team with an intelligent tool for capacity planning.

The best Redmine search

Improve the search experience in Redmine by working with a better Live-Search functionality provided by our Redmine plugins. Available for various Redmine areas.

How to identify critical problems in project management

Using proper tools, you as a project manager can identify problems and delays in time and take countermeasures.

Automation Bot

Automation can save a lot of time. It serves as substitute workforce. It is affordable. A bot migth be a patient and reliable employee.

How to save time, simplify decision-making, and get things done

Provide yourself and your team various options on deciding what to work on next according to the Get-Things-Done Method.

Keep track of your employees absences using Redmine HRM plugin

One glance at the absence calendar and you get an better overview on your employees time off from work.

How to manage a freelance team with Redmine HRM plugin

If you don't have enough internal employee resources, you might want to bring in freelance help from outside. Learn how the Redmine HRM plugin helps you to calculate the necessary capacities.

Automate time-critical tasks in Redmine using issue repeats

Sometimes it is necessary that certain tasks have to be done again in time intervals. Use the Automation plugin for issue repetitions.

Improve team cooperation between development and IT operations

The DevOps plugin allows information from tools used in the software development process to be bundled centrally in Redmine.

Redmine Filter to the rescue

One thing we like about Redmine and that makes Redmine so powerful and flexible is the use of filters and options for issues or other sections.

Create a Redmine Dashboard for project management

With the Redmine Reporting plugin, creating a project management dashboard is easier than imagined and useful for project managers and team leads.

Repeating Issues using Redmine Automation Plugin

Improve the productivity of your team. Automate Redmine and repeat issues on schedule.

Digital tools in product development

Employees who work both in the office and at home have the advantage, that they don't have to switch between different tools or need to take a great effort to do their work even at home.

Redmine DevOps Plugin: Connect external DevOp Tools with Redmine

Anyone who outsources their activities to various tools knows how difficult it is to continue to manage their team centrally. That's why you use integrations like the DevOps Plugin for Redmine.

Redmine DB Plugin: basic knowledge

Use the Redmine DB plugin to manage project-relevant information in a time-saving way and always keep it up to date. We explain the basics.

Redmine Automation Plugin: common issue use cases

Improve the productivity of your team. Use the Redmine Automation plugin to automate necessary adjustments to tickets.

AlphaNodes Redmine Plugin Update v3.0.2: this changed

Learn what's new with the upcoming plugin release.

AlphaNodes Redmine Plugins: Better Live Search

Get to know the Live Search functionality of our Redmine Plugins.

Redmine Automation: Guide for Admins and Project Managers

Automation can save a lot of time. Before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Setting up a knowledge base in Redmine using the Redmine Wiki and our Wiki Guide plugin

Provide your employees a How-to-section to get started with your organization's working environment.

Control escalation processes with Redmine Automation Plugin

Escalation in project management is generally a procedural process to report an existing problem to a higher management level.

Frequently asked question and answer about Redmine HRM plugin: how to log employee attendances?

Explore how to keep an eye on the presence of employees in the office or remotely with the HRM plugin and what advantages presence in a work management has.

Redmine Reporting Plugin: Workflow visualization

The Redmine Reporting plugin implements a workflow graph that simplifies the visualization of processes in Redmine.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Redmine Reporting Plugin: How do I keep track of progress?

Discover how to keep track of the progress of a project, subproject or sprint with the help of the Redmine Reporting Plugin.

How to avoid micromanagement in Projects using Redmine HRM Plugin

Micromanagement is time consuming and makes it hard focusing on the project goals.

Save time with Automation: Escalate overdue Issues in Redmine

Waste less time in sending manual escalation emails and use automation. Learn how to escalate overdue issues in Redmine using Redmine Automation Plugin.

Save time with Automation: Auto-Close old Issues in Redmine

Waste less time in manual work and use automation. Learn how to auto-close issues in Redmine using Redmine Automation Plugin.

To automate or not to automate? The question doesn't really arise (anymore)

If you want to maximize your growth potential, you can't avoid automating workflows, processes and other activities.

Redmine Plugins DB, Reporting, HRM, Passwords and Automation v3.0.1 released

For the fourth time this year there is a new version of the commercial AlphaNodes Redmine plugins. Learn what is new.

Use Case: Dashboard for agile teams using Redmine

Our commercial plugins come with dashboard support. Learn how agile teams profit from it when using Redmine Reporting Plugin.

AlphaNodes Plugin Updates v3.0 Features

Explore the new features of the newly released plugin version 3.0 for AlphaNodes Plugins Reporting, DB, Passwords and HRM.

Redmine HRM plugin: extended user profile

Get enhanced profiles of your Redmine users using Redmine HRM Plugin and relieve your teams workday.

Introduction: Redmine HRM absence calendar

Paperless absence management can sustainably relieve the workday. Both on the side of the employees and on the side of human resources.

Make overdue issues visible, using Redmine HRM

Redmine is a tool that helps you plan, track and organize your team tasks in one place. Using Redmine HRM as resource management addon it's easier to make overdue issues visible. Even if notifications are turned off.

Dashboard for marketing teams using Redmine

Redmine is a tool that helps you plan, track and organize your marketing tasks in one place. With the dashboard function of the additionals plugin you are as flexible as possible.

Automate as much as possible in Redmine

Using automation tools in Redmine for frequent activities speeds up productivity and makes your team more happier.

Flexible dashboard support for Redmine

The dashboard functionality that is popular in many software products is now also available for Redmine. Our commercial plugins from v3.0 also support the drag & drop functionality as well.

Redmine HRM: Optimize workflows. Increase efficiency

Seamlessly integrated resource planning in Redmine like Redmine HRM Plugin helps to optimize workflows and increase efficiency.

Redmine project list: Advanced Filters of the Reporting Plugin

Redmine's project overview page provides filters for quick access to relevant projects. The Reporting Plugin extends the standard filters many times over. For an even more effective work.

Increase user acceptance in Redmine with colors and symbols

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the right colour gives the statement even more impact. Learn how to bring symbolism and color into your Redmine at the right places.

Features of the AlphaNodes Plugin Updates v2.0.6

Find out what to expect in our newly released plugin version 2.0.6 for the Reporting, DB, Passwords and HRM plugin.

What if there were an early warning system for resource bottlenecks?

Problems in resource planning should not be solved only when they are acute. A tool that detects bottlenecks early on is much less stressful.

3 ways to log attendances in Redmine HRM Plugin

We are going to show you an overview of different ways how to log attendances with Redmine HRM Plugin.

On-Boarding with Redmine. 4 tips for use.

Help new employees quickly find their way around Redmine and your company.

What if you always had full control over your staff resources?

Find out why resource management is important for companies of all sizes. And which mistakes should be avoided especially at the beginning.

Redmine Plugins for Home-Office use

Find out how our plugins support the work of your team in the home office.

Features of the AlphaNodes Plugin Updates v2.0.5

Find out what to expect in our newly released plugin version 2.0.5 for the Reporting, DB, Passwords and HRM plugin.

Employee time tracking and absence management

Learn how the Redmine HRM Plugin helps your employees manage their presence and absence time.

Project overviews of Redmine Reporting Plugin

Learn about the various overviews provided by the Redmine Reporting Plugin for displaying projects.

The Redmine Sprockets problem

Or how to go through addiction hell and back.

Project controlling with Redmine

We show you how to use the counter boxes of the Redmine Reporting Plugin in Redmine to make project events and To Do's visible.

Global application log for Redmine activities

A logbook simplifies the organization of Redmine. Here you can check certain events and be made aware of necessary actions.

Introduction of the Redmine Google Docs macro

Get to know the Redmine Google Docs macro of the Additionals Plugin version 2.0.23.

Introduction of diagrams for custom fields

Learn how to graphically evaluate custom fields from the list format using the Redmine Reporting Plugin.

Managing vacation days in Redmine: Absence calendar setup of Redmine HRM

An alternative to the vacation planning in Excel is the absence management and the absence calendar in Redmine with the Redmine HRM Plugin.

Features of the AlphaNodes Plugin Updates v2.0.4

In November our plugins Reporting, DB, Passwords and HRM has been released in version 2.0.4. Find out what to expect.

Redmine HRM Plugin: Absence calendar

Wall calendars where employees manually enter holidays are a bygone era. Today you manage absences paperless and digitally. This also works with Redmine.

How Redmine HRM improves resource planning

Redmine is the central point of contact for many distributed teams. Learn how the Redmine HRM Plugin gives you better insight into the workload of your employees.

Best Practice: Redmine HRM user types

Find out which permissions the user types of the Redmine HRM Plugin provide your Redmine users - regardless of their role.

Redmine productivity tip: own project and navigation links

Did you know that you can add your own menus with the Redmine HRM Plugin? They are useful for your users and help to increase productivity.

Simple user management with Redmine HRM plugin

Learn which functions the user administration of the Redmine HRM Plugin offers to organize users in an easy-to-use way.

July 2019: AlphaNodes Plugin Updates v2.0.3 available

New versions of our commercial Redmine plugins (Reporting, DB, Passwords and HRM) available. This is new.

Use #tags to organize your projects

#tags are a fantastic way to categorize, prioritize or track your projects. And the great thing about tags is that they are absolutely flexible. So you can use them at your convenience.

Leave management and attendance tracking with Redmine

The Redmine resource management plugin Redmine HRM comes with an integrated and pleasant to use leave management and attendance tracker.

Allow user management in Redmine to non-admin users

Learn how to create, edit or lock users in Redmine by using the Redmine HRM Plugin without accessing the administration area (as non-admin user).

3 Ansible Playbooks you should try

Configuration management tools such as Ansible facilitate the entry into automation. And already finished Ansible Playbooks save time.

Professional Redmine Plugins: Feature Updates February 2019

Learn which improvements the new Redmine plugin versions 2.0 offer your project team.

Extended user profile with the professional Redmine Plugin: HRM

Learn how the HRM Plugin reworks a Redmine user account so that all relevant information is available faster.

Characteristics of ineffective project teams

How project managers uncover ineffective teams with the Reporting plugin.

Getting Things Done in Project Management with Redmine

Based on the GTD method in Redmine finally see how to get things done.

How to convince your Boss you need Redmine Reporting to boost your work

Involve colleagues, use comparison to expensive commercial solutions, name some useful reports that provide more insights.

Open Source Project Management Software: Redmine Version 4.0.0 released. That's new.

Redmine 4.0.0 was released on December 9th. Here we inform you about new features and changes of the version.

Average Issue Lifetime in Project Management

Short introduction: The report of the average issue lifetime of the Reporting Plugin for Project Managers.

My personal Top 5 Features of the Redmine Reporting Plugin

The Reporting Plugin is a useful extension for companies that still have big plans with Redmine.