The Redmine HRM Plugin is a solution for working time recording and personnel allocation planning in global enterprises working with (remote) project teams.

Definition: Absence calendar

An absence calendar is a tool for the personnel department, team leaders and executives. Based on the absences entered by a Redmine user, it provides authorized users with an overview of planned absences for a selected period of time (e.g. current month, next month).

The integrated Absence calendar of the HRM Plugin gives employees in the personnel department or superiors with appropriate authorisation an insight into the registered absences of their team.

Redmine HRM Absence Calendar

The calendar lists different absences (leave types) of all employees.

The HRM plugin adapts individually to the requirements of the company. In the plug-in configuration section “Attendance types” it is up to you to define which attendances and absences are managed.

The absence calendar lists all attendances of the Leave type Absence. Actual attendances are excluded here. Various filters and options allow you as user to display the absence information, which is currently relevant to you.

Redmine HRM Absence Calendar

That’s how it works

  1. you enter planned holidays (non-working days) for the current / coming year.
  2. your employees book your attendances/absences using Redmine HRM Plugin booking function.
  3. The absences entered are visible in the absence calendar of the HRM area for users with the appropriate authorization.
  4. If required, the absences entered can be filtered and exported for further use in external tools.


  • Absences can be managed online. The absence calendar can also be viewed from anywhere. The tool is therefore just as suitable for use in the home office as it is on-site in the office.
  • The absence calendar provides employees with HRM authorization with an overview of the absences entered for all employees.
  • Entered absences can be exported in ICS format.
  • Different user filters (for example, superior, user type, group, and so on) allow you to restrict the contents in the absence calendar to the information, relevant for you.

Advantages Redmine HRM Absence Calendar

The Redmine HRM Plugin extends your Redmine installation with the resource planning functionality. Some advantages you get when using the Absence Calendar are:

Absence calendar / Holiday calendarRedmine basicHRM plugin
Display absence entries (Vacation, illness, parental absences)-
Using various filter options for better overview-
Clear (colored) view of the entries per absence type-
Tool tips and symbols presenting additonal information-
ICS format export-

Test HRM function for Redmine

The HRM Plugin is an extension of the Redmine Reporting Plugin. It is available as Bundle. Use our online demo to get to know the HRM functionality and how easy it is to identify overdue issues while working with it.

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