The Redmine HRM Plugin helps you to stay informed about the work of your project team. The resource view provides insight into employee workload for current and future projects. And with the HRM Plugin you are also able to get a better overview of vacation planning.

The calendar lists different absences of an employee. This can include leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, business trips, or parental leave.

Definition: Absence calendar

The absence calendar is a tool for the HR department, team leaders and executives. Based on the absences entered by your Redmine users, it provides authorized users with an overview of planned absences for the current and coming year.

This makes it easier for managers and the personnel office to track the whereabouts of employees active in Redmine. It is in the form of a usual calendar and offers by this kind of the visual representation a clear picture of the total situation in the enterprise.

It is immediately visible how many employees are absent on which days and for what reason. Access to the resource view is therefore not necessary for these users if they belong to a user type with HRM-View permission.

Redmine HRM Absence Calendar

No additional costs

Who already use the Redmine HRM Plugin can benefit from the new function. Companies that previously used a separate tool for the management of holidays and illnesses can now do without it. And also simply utilize this function via Redmine HRM Plugin. This lowers costs and saves users the time they previously needed to make separate bookings in external tools.

Tip: Since your employees already enter their attendances and absences in Redmine HRM for more accurate resource planning, no additional employee activities are required to use the absence calendar.

That’s how it works

  1. you enter planned holidays (non-working days) for the current / coming year.
  2. your employees book your attendances/absences using Redmine HRM Plugin booking function.
  3. The absences entered are visible in the absence calendar of the HRM area for users with the appropriate authorization.
  4. If required, the absences entered can be filtered and exported for further use in external tools.


  • The absence calendar provides employees with HRM authorization with an overview of the absences entered for all employees.
  • Absences are posted using the HRM plug-in. If you are already using this function (because it gives you more precise resource planning), you do not need to spend any extra time on this.
  • Entered absences can be exported in ICS format.
  • Different user filters (for example, superior, user type, group, and so on) allow you to restrict the contents in the absence calendar.

Advantages Redmine HRM Absence Calendar

The Redmine HRM Plugin extends your Redmine installation with the resource planning functionality. Here some advantages you get when using the Absence Calendar coming with the resource planning plugin Redmine HRM.

Absence calendar / Holiday calendarRedmine basicHRM plugin
Display absence entries (Vacation, illness, parental absences)-
Using various filter options for better overview-
Clear (colored) view of the entries per absence type-
Tool tips and symbols presenting additonal information-
ICS format export-

Testing Resource Planning and absence calendar

If you want to know more about the Redmine HRM Plugins, have a look at our Online Demo. There you can test all functions of the Redmine Resource planning tool.

The Redmine HRM Plugin helps to find available employees for certain periods of time more easily and thus to use them optimally for current or planned projects.