Your daily job managing your projects is time consuming? Your projects generate a lot of data and they leave you not enough free time to do productive work on your assigned tasks?

Even if you know the solution: Redmine Reporting plugin to use Redmine in a more efficient way - it is not always that simple for you. Because you need to convince your boss to allow you using the plugin in order to give you powerful insights.

Here are some suggestions on how to argument on your boss considerations:

1) Comparison with solutions of commercial licences

The big advantage of opensource software like Redmine is the saving of license costs compared to commercial top dogs (e.g. Jira, Confluence etc.). As a rule, you pay for their products per user. If the number of users increases rapidly in economically strong times, the license costs increase immeasurably. Due to regular cost pressure, many can no longer concentrate properly on the actual business. In the open source area, the license costs are usually manageable / constant because the number of users is not the decisive factor. Therefore it is actually easy to take a little money for a meaningful extension (like Redmine Reporting) in the hand.

This means that your boss spends less time quantifying problems, cost savings and investment returns for each project.

2) Involving colleagues

You are probably not the only one who has problems with the current situation working with Redmine. Quantify the pain of your colleagues. The boss may find it easy to ignore a single employee, but would probably be convinced by the knowledge that other employees share the same opinion.

3) Useful things the plugin tells about your business

Despite the financial aspects above the plugin itself comes with a lot of useful features for your data and your users. The most important ones for business owner, accounting manager, or an executive are:

  • Identify bottle necks in one or more of your projects
  • Identify your most profitable projects
  • Filter projects by different criteria
  • See your projects-in-progress
  • Analyze how your employees work
  • Create custom reports
  • Use graphical reports for visual insights
  • Generate printable PDF-reports on projects, issues, versions etc. with your companies logo and identity

Details what else the tool can offer you to advance your projects can be found at the plugin product page.

All we have left to say is: If you want to make your work visible with Redmine, get our phenomenal Reporting Plugin now. Because that’s the only way you can get a performance review.

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