We support you by integrating excellent open source applications that support your business processes in an optimal way and allow you more efficient workflows.

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Our service

  • Technical Projekt Lead
  • Project Management
  • ScrumMaster, Scrum Coach
  • Managed Server Monitoring
  • Partner for system environments, DevOps
  • Consulting and training in Munich for PHP, Drupal, Redmine, SEO and Deployment


  • since 1991 Linux
  • since 2000 PHP
  • since 2005 Drupal, SEO
  • since 2007 Enterprise Project Management
  • since 2007 Scrum

Tools we use are: Redmine, Jenkins, Git, Drupal, Ansible, Piwik, LogStash, SparkleShare, ownCloud and much more.

Call us: +49 (0)89 69 34 91 80 or write us: Servus - Redmine Plugins

Redmine products

Our Redmine plugins make everything a little bit easier!

We provide secure and efficient solutions for many industries to allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. Our products are using the Redmine typcial user interface and because of that are easy to implement and to use. And reflect our customers expectation according to the functions.

The functionality is designed for teams and companies of all sizes. Even our company stood at the place where your team stands now. We know what's important when evaluate using Redmine. Currently growing companies need a software that is cost-effective to operate. This allows an easy start and at the same time a flexible usage of the software. Whoever is looking for affordable, fair alternatives for the expensive stag walkers wants to make sure that he' doing right for the future.

Redmine integrations to enhance your service delivery

Our professional Redmine Plugins bring established professional services and workflows of large enterprises into small and medium-sized businesses.

Analysis, reports and insights for decision makers, Stakeholder or project manager
Analyse your team's progress the easy way and track your goals.

Because it's bad for your business if your most important data is stored insecurely.
Centralized password management for project teams for storing and sharing project or company relevant information securely.

The modern way to manage business inventory, objects and stuff like that online.
Finally a suitable alternative for excel listings in order to catch up on objects & data bases of any kind.

Personnel resource planning has never been easier.
With our HRM plugin you get a better overview on the team ressources that are required to complete a project.

Little helpful tools for quick wins
Our Additionals plugin makes it easy for you to pimp Redmine in a way you like.

Team chat integration for Redmine
Slack, Rocket.Chat and Mattermost Support

Always up-to-date Redmine system and functions for your team on your own server
To make sure your team can focus on it's work and not on your systems.

We are experts for Redmine
You need a plugin of your own or want to extend an existing plugin with your special functional needs? Our Munich development team will support you. Get in touch with us for your Redmine plugin development.
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Find out what's in it
Our german Redmine documentation helps you get get to know Redmine a little bit better.

Initial plugin purchase

With the one-time purchase of a license of one of our professional Redmine plugins you will receive a perpetual license for the software, as well as license support from AlphaNodes for one (1) year, which allows you to send support requests and update the software. After this initial support period has ended, you can continue to work with your existing license for as long as you desire. But since we continue to develop our plugins very strongly and always focus on the latest version of Redmine about 70% of our customer decide to continue our support service. In order to benefit from updates and security patches after the 12 month support contract expires we recommend you to extend the support licence. More on our licences

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