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Save even more time, coordinate teams more effectively, streamline processes and projects, and keep track of all the moving parts.

All this and more with the appropriate, flexible Redmine plugins. Designed for companies of any size.

Reporting Plugin

Analysis, reports and insights for decision makers, Stakeholder or project manager. Our suite enhances Redmine neatly.

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HRM Plugin

Personnel resource planning has never been easier. Our HRM plugin reduces micro management and supports self management of your team.

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Automation Plugin

Automate routine tasks and optimize existing data volumes. More time for really important things.

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DevOps Plugin

Turn Redmine into an information hub for DevOps team using external DevOps services and tools like GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins.

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DB Plugin

Finally a suitable alternative for excel listings in order to catch up on digital objects & data bases of any kind (Asset management, Inventory management).

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Passwords Plugin

Because it is bad for your business if your most important data is stored insecurely. Centralized password management for project teams.

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Wiki-Guide Plugin

Turn your Redmine Wiki into a perfect self-service portal.

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ServiceDesk Plugin

Handle support requests in a single place and respond faster.

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Why companies choose plugins from AlphaNodes
The products of AlphaNodes GmbH make Redmine more user-friendly and keep pace with the growth of your organization. Due to best maintenance they are always on a current technical level. They can be used flexibly and give you and your team the necessary freedom to use Redmine optimally according to your business requirements.

Free Redmine community plugins to work smarter, better, faster

We not only develop paid extensions, but also support the Redmine community with free plugins. These are multilingual and receive regular updates so that they also run with the current stable Redmine version. Download and support of these plugins is provided exclusively via GitHub.


Little helpful tools for quick wins and usability changes.

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Team chat integration for Redmine. Slack, Rocket.Chat, Discord or Mattermost Support.

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Additional Tags

Tag issues and wiki pages as well as other entities, using this plugin as common base.

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Privacy & Terms

Get your cookie consent from users and integrate terms of use.

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Integrate HedgeDoc Pads into Redmine. For better collaboration.

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Redmine Sudo

Switch to administration mode in order to work as administrator if necessary.

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Get to know Redmine and become a Pro

Fresh reading material for Redmine users and those who want to become one. Or book a 30 day access to our online course on Redmine.

Redmine web based online course to work smarter with Redmine

Redmine online course (eLearning)

New to Redmine? Start here for the basics. With our on Demand online course on Redmine (Language: English)

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Redmine german ebook

Redmine online book (eBook)

Find out what is in it. Our german Redmine documentation helps you get to know Redmine version 4 a little bit better.
Authors: A. Meindl / C. Meindl
Format: eBook as PDF file for MAC and PC
Language: German

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Best of Siegel

Plugin demo

Test the functions of all our Redmine plugins for free in our online demo. Redmine demo

Redmine integrations to enhance your service delivery and work smarter

Our professional Redmine Plugins bring established professional services and workflows of large enterprises into small and medium-sized businesses. We provide secure and efficient solutions for many industries to allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable.

Whoever is looking for affordable, fair alternatives for the expensive stag walkers wants to make sure that he is doing right for the future.

Plugin development

We are experts for Redmine. If you need your own plugin and want us to implement it in a one-time development, you are in the wrong place. Every development must be regularly maintained for reasons of compatibility and application security.

We are happy to offer our development services to integrate your desired functions into one of our existing plugins. This ensures that the function is also usable for future Redmine versions, as we take over the further maintenance. Interested? We would be happy to prepare a corresponding offer based on a detailed task description.