We support you by integrating excellent open source applications that support your business processes in an optimal way and allow you more efficient workflows.

Direct contact: +49 89 69 34 91 80
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D-82031 Gr├╝nwald / Munich
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Our service

  • Technical Projekt Lead
  • Project Management
  • ScrumMaster, Scrum Coach
  • Managed Server Monitoring
  • Partner for system environments, DevOps
  • Consulting and training in Munich for PHP, Drupal, Redmine, SEO and Deployment


  • since 1991 Linux
  • since 2000 PHP
  • since 2005 Drupal, SEO
  • since 2007 Enterprise Project Management
  • since 2007 Scrum

Tools we use are: Redmine, Jenkins, Git, Drupal, Ansible, Piwik, LogStash, SparkleShare, ownCloud and much more.

Call us: +49 (0)89 69 34 91 80 or write us: Servus - Redmine Plugins

About us

Since 1991 our experts have been working on complex IT-Systems: we grew up using Linux and UNIX systems, focused on LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MYSQL), discovered our passion for PHP security and Drupal and specialised from 2008 onwards in Open Source software consulting.

Our open source time line
  • Since 2014
    ownCloud (as file sharing and file management tool)
  • Since 2011
    Ruby on Rails
  • Since 2009/2010
    Redmine (as Open Source alternative for Atlassian Jira), Git & Jenkins
  • Since 2007
    Agile Enterprise project management with Scrum / Kanban.
  • Since 2005
    Drupal CMS and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Since 2003
    LAMP, OOP and PHP security
  • Since 2000
    PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)
  • Since 1991
    Linux and UNIX based systems

Your advantage

A golden rule in software development says: there is only one single tool that is suitable for the solution of a problem. This tool is the best tool available on the market. If the selected tool is not the best, the selection itself already is a mistake.
The experts around AlphaNodes elieve in this rule and offer you here this very special tool for your usage with the advantage that you can use it quickly, uncomplicated and without any technical knowledge.

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