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Redmine DB

Finally a good solution for your project team to get rid of outdated Excel sheets

The Redmine DB plugin makes it easier for organizations and companies to manage any kind of assets or information entries within Redmine that is not an issue, task or bug. Contracts, SSL certificates, hosting packages, software licences or hardware like PCs, tablets, server and other stuff like that are only some examples you can use the Redmine DB plugin for. Feel free to find a use case of your own. The custom field option of Redmine makes almost everything possible. Check out our Redmine online demo where you can test the Redmine DB plugin functionality.

Work together in real time.

Working with the latest data is always relevant for successful teams. Using Redmine DB, your team in the office or remote records important data in a flash. Thanks to the common online collaboration, the latest information is immediately available in real time to every colleague for further processing or information.

Redmine DB Plugin
Redmine DB Plugin

Time saving due to fast localization.

As a user, you want to manage information easily and find it quickly if necessary. Therefore flexible filter options are an essential part of our plugin. The content can be picked out by Redmine search, various filter options as well as TAG assignment. All this makes your search much easier and more effective.

Quick start by import.

Nobody likes to start from scratch. Especially if you want to switch from other systems (e. g. Excel) to Redmine DB. Importing data is the be-all and end-all for a successful start. Due to the possibility of creating user-defined fields for any purpose, no problem at all. Just give it a try. The export is also possible (CSV, XLS)
Online presentation

Redmine DB Plugin

Easy integration within Issues

This feature allows you to connect easily to DB entries within Redmine issues. That makes linking to DB entries as easy as possible to everyone in your team.

Redmine DB plugin management examples

Some examples how customers use the Redmine DB plugin.

  • License management and software contract management
  • Warranty contracts, service contracts
  • Lease agreement, rental agreement
  • Real estate management
  • Inventory management (plant and equipment, car, office equipment)
  • Management of hardware (PCs, Server etc.)
  • SSL certificates, Hosting packages
  • Useful to deposit costs of lease agreement, rental prices, software costs, hardware costs etc.
  • Useful to deposit basic information like manufacturer, contract type, contract number, run-time, location etc.

Note: This plugin is an extension for the open source web-based software and issue tracking tool Redmine. The commercial Redmine DB plugin adds additional functionality to the basic functions of Redmine and is to be used professionally. Get our product flyer PDF in: EN, FR, IT, ES, PL

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And manage your items in a simple and effective way

Redmine DB Plugin

Lifetime usage rights + 12 month support & updates included

249 €*

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  • Unlimited Users. For teams of all size.
  • 12 month update & support 1)
  • Customer area access
  • Documentation and Email support in DE, EN - Plugin in DE, EN, IT, ES, FR
  • Guaranteed usage rights: Live time (Terms & Conditions)

You do not have time or enough resources to care about your in-house Redmine system yourself? No problem at all. This Plugin is part of our monthly Redmine in-house hosting package. More details

Payment: Payment via bank transfer possible if you send us per email your invoice information (incl. VAT-ID). You get an invoice with all payment information in advance.
Download:After successful payment (via PayPal) the download link to the product file will be sent within 30 minutes to the e-mail address used for sale.
Info: After the 12 month duration expires you are free to continue using our Redmine Plugin for your Redmine unit as long as you like. But you will not receive updates and support any longer. If you wish so, you should renew your licence for another 12 month.

1) from date of purchase / beginning of rent time
*) Our offer is addressed to business customers. All price information are strictly net plus 19% german tax. There are no additional delivery expenses (download product). Hosting customers can use the product for free according to our hosting terms during the hosting period and while paying a monthly rent.

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Plugin Compatibility

  • Required Redmine version = 3.4.x
  • Ruby: Version >= 2.2.x (recommended version: 2.3.5)
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL
  • OS: Linux, OS X
  • Browser with flash: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox
  • Available language: English, German
  • License: GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)
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