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What if relevant information from externally hosted Git repositories and other DevOps services were to flow together within Redmine?

Anyone who decides to introduce DevOps development processes will sooner or later also use external DevOps platforms. Some outsource only the Git hosting. Others outsource Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) or monitoring. Inevitably, you work with different systems.

Redmine DevOps Plugin

No matter what you decide, you bundle all data relevant to your whole project team, project managers and stakeholders centrally in Redmine. The Redmine DevOps Plugin provides an easy way to link external data from GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins or Zabbix to Redmine.

It’s more important than ever to provide your development team a proactive and world-class work environment. However, as the number of options and backend systems increase, it can be a challenge to bring it all together. So your team has the context they need to work more effectively. The use of suitable Redmine integrations helps.

Redmine Devops Plugin

Support your users where possible

Make it easy for your Redmine team and provide them with the info where they spend most of their business time, so they can quickly and easily get the information that is relevant to them at a glance.

DevOps Teams

The goal of every DevOps team is to achieve a maximum of results with a minimum of effort. That’s why you should give your DevOps team direct access to relevant information from external platforms, even within Redmine.

Project Manager

In order for the DevOps approach to succeed, it is essential to provide responsible project managers with all the necessary information centrally and in a simple manner for better team coordination.

Project Team & Stakeholders

Anyone who is affected by the outcome of a project or has an interest in the project’s success should also have the opportunity to view externally managed, project-relevant information as needed.

Redmine Devops Plugin

How does it work

Connect your external Git Repositories or other supported development Tools with Redmine (e.g. GitHub Secret Key, GitLab private token, Jenkins API token, Zabbix access information). When your GitHub, GitLab, Zabbix or Jenkins account is linked to Redmine Software, your team gets to see commit messages and other relevant information directly in Redmine.

You can integrate them as dashboard blocks on the project overview page. And the context of Redmine Software issues they’re working on. This helps users quickly and easily get a glimpse of external stored information without the need of leaving Redmine.

Redmine is your information hub
Since Redmine acts primarily as an information hub, the displayed information is simply linked to the content on your external development tool, where all further action will take place.

Redmine DevOps Plugin is a tool that provides additional benefit

Even if your developers compile all their work into external DevOps tool, the rest of your project team can view this information as well by using our simple to use Redmine integration.
Available soon as part of our Redmine Managed Hosting offer!

Dashboard Support

Supports the use of dashboards by providing custom blocks. This way you display relevant information within a Redmine project overview page where you want

Project Relation

Is optimally integrated with Redmine and must be set up per project

Ticket commit link

Allows linking commits in the external Git repository to Redmine issues if the developer uses the corresponding issue key in the commit message

GitLab Actions

Provides information about the GitLab action status within Redmine on the project overview

GitLab Pipelines

Provides information about GitLab pipelines within Redmine on the project overview

GitLab Issues

Provides a list of the latest issues on GitLab within Redmine on the project overview page

GitLab Projects

Provides a list of your GitLab projects within Redmine with relevant project informations

Last Commits

Shows the latest commits in external stored repository on the Redmine project overview page

GitHub Issues

Provides a list of the latest issues on GitHub within Redmine on the project overview page

GitHub Repository Statistics

Outputs statistics to your Redmine team with the necessary repository information

Failed Jenkins Jobs

Lists all failed Jenkins jobs and links to them

Zabbix Problems

Lists all problems in Zabbix and links to them