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Redmine DevOps Plugin

何を決めるにしても、プロジェクトチーム全体、プロジェクトマネージャー、ステークホルダーに関連するすべてのデータをRedmineに集中的にバンドルします。Redmine DevOps Pluginは、GitHub、GitLab、Jenkins、Zabbixなどの外部データをRedmineに簡単に連携させることができます。


Redmine Devops Plugin









Redmine Devops Plugin

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Redmine Devops Plugin


外部のGitリポジトリやその他のサポートされている開発ツールとRedmineを連携させます(例:GitHubシークレットキー、GitLabプライベートトークン、Jenkins APIトークン、Zabbixアクセス情報)。GitHub、GitLab、Zabbix、JenkinsのアカウントがRedmineソフトウェアと連携すると、チームはコミットメッセージやその他の関連情報をRedmineで直接見ることができます。

プロジェクトの概要ページにダッシュボードブロックとして統合することができます。そして、彼らが取り組んでいるRedmine Softwareの課題のコンテキスト。これにより、ユーザーはRedmineから離れることなく、外部に保存されている情報を素早く簡単に把握することができます。


Redmine DevOps Plugin is a tool that provides additional benefit


Dashboard Support

Supports the use of dashboards (public, private, role based) by providing custom blocks. This way you display relevant information within a Redmine project overview page where you want

Project Relation

Is optimally integrated with Redmine. Must be set up per project. Is equipped with role-based access permissions (view, link). Can also be configured with private account information (private Dashboard)

Ticket commit link

Allows linking commits in the external Git repository to Redmine issues if the developer uses the corresponding issue key in the commit message

GitHub Integration

Provides information about Pull-Requests, Repositories, Issues and Workflows within Redmine project overview

GitLab Integration

Delivers information about Merge Requests, Pipelines, Projects and Issues within Redmine project overview

Last Commits

Shows the latest commits in external stored repository on the Redmine project overview page

Failed Jenkins Jobs

Lists all failed Jenkins jobs and links to them

Zabbix Hosts & Problems

Lists Hosts and all problems in Zabbix and links to them

External Redmine Integration

Supplies information from externally connected Redmine systems such as repositories, tickets, projects, system information

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€ 385 / Year*
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€ 1795 / Year*
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* Offer is directed exclusively to entrepreneurs within the meaning of §14 BGB. All prices are in EUR and net prices. Plus the applicable statutory sales tax. Reverse Charge applies for international clients outside Germany with a valid EU VAT ID No. Delivery of the download URL against advance payment. Plugin installation is done by the client himself, according to our installation instructions. Note the minimum system requirements and FAQ before purchase.
1) does not run stand-alone. Requires Redmine Reporting. Affects: Automation, HRM, DevOps

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