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Feature Comparison

Multilingual user interfaceRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Rest API formatsRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Collaboration and productivityRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Macro support*
Mermaid diagram and flowchart macro*
Filterable file list*
SecurityRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Access control for users via roles and permissions*
System wide application log*
User management outside administration area
HRM permissions per user types
CustomizationsRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Custom queries for issue lists (filterable, searchable)*
Various info boxes to customize Redmine Home-page as Dashboard
Custom queries for project list (filterable, searchable)*
Project budget and hourly rates (in various currencies)*
Home page (Infoboxes, Graphs and Diagrams, Issue counters)*
Project overview (Infoboxes, Graphs and Diagrams, Issue counters)*
Font Awesome Icon support
HRM overview (Infoboxes)
Custom queries for Users
Custom queries for Groups
Custom queries for Project members
Flexible working hours calendars
Custom menus for user types
Enterprise Essentials: ReportsRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Custom fields support
Issue reports*
Report export formats (Atom, CSV, XLSX, PDF)*
Administration area reports*
Real-time Project and Team Reporting*
Extended business reports and team reports*
Graphical reports with Diagrams, Tree maps
Custom branding on reports (e.g.Logo)*
User reports
Enterprise Essentials: SearchRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Basic search (Cross-Project, Project-related)
Live search: Projects*
Project TAGs*
Live search: Users*
Enterprise Essentials: Issue analysisRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Round trips*
Counter boxes for better usability*
SLA support for important issues*
History lists for: Priority, Assigned to, % completed, Estimated time*
Cross-project version list for issue progress watch*
Enterprise Essentials: Resource managementRedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Time logging*
Hourly rates support*
Attendance management (Office, Remote etc.)
Holiday management
Spent time resource view (as filterable table or Tree map)
User capacity management (Cross-project, Project-related, User-related workload)
Filterable resource view (e.g. user groups, departments etc.)
Resource management for upcoming sprints
Attendance export (CSV, XLSX, PDF)
User calendar for attendances, holidays, tasks, business meetings
Product service (12 month support licence)RedmineReporting PluginHRM Plugin
Customer Helpdesk (DE, EN)
Documentation (DE, EN)
Plugin Updates

* = Comes along as part of the reporting plugin, which serves as a basis.

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General Features

All our plugins have the following features in common:

  • Multilingual: available in English as well as DE, FR, ES, IT
  • Open Integration: Robust API
  • SaaS or server: Use our plugins for a fee on your own server. Or use it for free if you have your server maintained by us. Because all plugins are part of our Redmine Hosting support package.
  • No limits: for teams of all sizes. Grows with your business - at no additional cost to users or projects.
  • Seamless integration: our plugins integrate perfectly into Redmine and work together.
  • Full customization: Fields, lists, info boxes for start page and project overview, permissions, FontAwesome icons and colors can be customized to your needs.

Redmine DB Plugin

Applicable as solution for: Asset management, administration of data records

  • Storage of data records of any kind project-related and cross-project
  • Import of spreadsheet data (e.g. Excel) via CSV
  • Export of the data stock in Atom, CSV, XLSX
  • User-defined fields for storing any data (filterable, searchable)
  • Live search to quickly find the data records
  • TAGs and categories for better assignment
  • Fillable lists and user-defined queries
  • Use of FontAwesome symbols for personalization
  • Use of macros for wiki and issue description
  • Set DB relations in issues (tasks)

Redmine Passwords Plugin

Applicable as solution for: Team-capable password management in project management

  • Encrypted password storage (AES 256 CBC)
  • Configurable password generator
  • Password parameters can be adapted to company specifications
  • Security audits to check password parameters
  • Import of records via CSV
  • Export of the data stock in Atom, CSV, XLSX
  • User-defined fields for storing any data (filterable, searchable)
  • Live search to quickly find the data records
  • TAGs and categories for better assignment
  • Fillable lists and user-defined queries
  • Use of FontAwesome symbols for personalization
  • Use of macros for wiki and ticket description
  • Setting password relations in tickets

Redmine HRM Plugin

Applicable as solution for: Visual resource management for capacity planning of teams and projects

  • Managing attendances and absences using attendance types
  • Managing working time calendars and holidays
  • HRM authorization management using individual user types
  • User-defined menus per user type
  • Resource view for projects, single users and cross-project
  • Filterable resource view and user-defined queries
  • Exclusion of ticket status for resource planning
  • Customize the default settings for resource view
  • Configurable info boxes for the Redmine start page for users, superiors and HR employees
  • User field definitions for date specifications for evaluation
  • Own HRM area with access to Redmine user and group management (without administration rights) and access to user reports.

Redmine Reporting Plugin

Applicable as solution for: Content and visual project evaluations, as well as budgeting and output of project relevant information

  • Graphical evaluations of tickets and projects
  • System-wide logbook
  • Redmine and system statistics for administrators
  • System-wide file list
  • Project and ticket reports
  • Project-related hourly rates for billing the project budget (worldwide currencies possible)
  • Round Trips of Tickets
  • Use of counters and counter groups based on user-defined queries for better usability
  • Budget control for projects
  • Watchlist for central monitoring of various project contents (projects, wiki, tickets, passwords, DB entries etc.)
  • Output of reports in various formats
  • CI implementation for PDF output
  • Output of the project overview page in list form (project list) and as tree map
  • Filterable project list with numerous additional fields and user-defined queries
  • Live-Search to quickly find projects
  • Project TAGs for better allocation
  • SLA ticket function
  • Use of FontAwesome symbols for personalization

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