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The Full-Stack Redmine Plugin Bundle contains powerful tools to move your business forward.
All prices are in Euro, strictly net and subject to VAT. No additionals shipping costs (download product)! Inclusive 12 month plugin support and updates.

Full-Stack Redmine Plugin Bundle

Full-Stack Redmine Plugin Bundle: Enterprise+

Get all our commercial Redmine Plugins (current and upcoming) in one Full-Stack Plugin Bundle. Our Full-Stack Bundle contains:

  • DB Plugin
  • Passwords Plugin
  • Reporting Plugin
  • HRM Plugin

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Why choose Full-Stack?

You get all our commercial Redmine plugins at one single price. And the price will not change, even if more plugins are released. This means for example, if any other commercial AlphaNodes plugins will be release in the time you are having a valid support licence, you will get access to it as well (for the remaining support period of your current support license). Coming next: Automation Plugin.

Purchase or renew annual support and maintenance license:

Payment options and download

Prices: we collect sales tax in states where it is required by law. The stated prices do not include sales tax (net price).

Prepayment: Delivery against prepayment (via PayPal or bank transfer to German bank account)! To pay by bank transfer, please contact us via e-mail and make your plugin order (include all complete invoice data - incl. VAT ID). You will then receive an invoice with the desired payment information for the transfer.

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Download: The download URL will be sent to the e-mail address used for the order by our third party provider DPD. After receipt of payment (via PayPal), the download link for file download will be sent within 30 minutes to the e-mail address provided during payment. For those who don't user paypal and will transfer money directly to our bank account, the link will be issued within 5 working days after your payment order started by your bank.

Maintenance and Support

All plugin purchases include 12 months of maintenance. Maintenance entitles the buyer to product support and plug-in updates as well as documentation access. Our Redmine plugins can be used without restrictions for the existing Redmine instance even after expiration of the 12 month support license. If you want to continue to benefit from the maintenance service, it is necessary to simply extend the plugin support for another year.

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AlphaNodes offers business class digital solutions. Suitable to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the digitalization of their business processes. Our products are Made in Germany. Based on open source technologies that support the growth of your business without compromises.

* All offers are solely for businesses in compliance with §14 BGB (German Civil Code). All price information are net prices and subject to legal VAT. The price is for the one-time purchase of a yearly Support license for the respective plugin. That means it is not a subscription price. You pay once for the plugin and have 12 months access to function updates, bug fixes, product information, support and application documentation from the date of purchase. After the 12 month you simply buy a new license if you need more product updates and support. Order on invoice (prepayment via bank transfer) possible, e-mail us.

Plugin requirements

Requirements for current v3.0.0ReportingHRMDBPasswords
Redmine v4.1.x or higher (recommended: v4.1.1)
Ruby v2.4.x or higher (recommended: v2.6.6 )
Data base: MySQL v5.7 or higher, PostgreSQL v9.6 or higher (recommended: PostreSQL v12)
OS: Linux 64 bit (e.g. Debian) or OS X
Current browser: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox
Required Plugins
additionals v3 stable (free available on GitHub )
Reporting (commercial, also as Bundle)---
Licence: GNU General Public License v2 (GPL) and the Terms of use for using our plugins.

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Plugin FAQ

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Plugin FAQ

What is included in the support licence?

When purchasing a plugin support licence every customer has access for 12 month to our customer area for: plugin download, plugin support, plugin updates (features and bug fixes), plugin documentation of the purchased product.

Do all my employees get access to the product support?

The access to the support area is created for the person, buying the plugin. If you want your employees to get access to plugin documentation you need to implement your plugin support token in the Help section of the plugin configuration.

How do I get up and running the plugin?

After you have access to our customer area you find all you need to get the plugin running: installation instructions, update instructions, issue tracking system to contact support team etc. We recommend to use our installation instructions, only.

What happens when the support period is over?

When the 12 month product support has expired, the plugin can still be used. In the version you last worked with. But access to the customer area, plugin documentation, updates and bug fixes as well as support requests are no longer possible. We recommend to renew your plugin support licence for another 12 month to profit from an up-to-date and secure plugin usage.

How can I buy the plugin?

Via our website the purchase of the desired plugin / plugin bundle can be done via PayPal payment. This process is the fastest. It is also possible to pay via bank transfer to german bank account. In this case we will provide an invoice with the necessary payment information on request. What we need from you for this: Product name, Invoice Address, VAT-ID (Reverse Charge), contact information (name, eMail) for customer access. In general: Delivery against prepayment, only.

Is the plugin licence automatically annual renewed?

No, we don't force you into any long-term contracts. Our plugin support license expires after 12 month automatically. If necessary, the license must be renewed by you to profit from regular feature updates, bug fixes and friendly support.

What discounts are available?

We offer discounted prices for the purchase of plugin bundles. If you buy one of our two available bundles (Enterprise+ or Business-Class) then they cost significantly less than if you buy the products separately. Furthermore, current customers receive a 20% discount code on the purchase of a renewal license if this purchase is made within 7 days after the support period expired.

Is there a bundle price for Reporting & HRM?

Yes, the Business-Class Bundle contains both plugins, which build on each other. The HRM Plugin is not executable if the Reporting Plugin is missing. Please consider the Business-Class Bundle if you do not have either of the two plugins.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a package of single plugins.

Is there a test version available?

We do not offer a test version (limited demo version / light version). The functions of the plugins can be tested extensively in our Redmine Online Demo before purchasing. So you can see how the plugins work together very well.

Can the plugins be integrated with other applications?

With our APIs (based on JSON and XML), integration is also possible with other applications that support this.

Do the plugins also work together with other plugins?

Usually our plugins are compatible with each other and work with other common Redmine plugins that do not provide the same functionality and whose source code is not obfuscated. Learn more in our Plugin FAQ.

I am working in a multilingual team. What languages is the plugin available in?

Our plugins support various languages: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Poland, Czech.

Do you run your business on AlphaNodes Plugins?

Absolutely! In fact, we use every plugin internally for several months before we release it publicly. Most Plugins resulted due to own need.