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Our offer is directed exclusively to business customers with valid VAT ID in accordance with:

If you do not want to purchase the plugin license through our online store, but prefer bank transfer, you can also send us your plugin order and invoice address using the form below. We will send you an invoice via e-mail with the payment information for bank transfer to a German bank account (PDF format).

Our terms of delivery are Delivery after prepayment as well: The purchase / delivery of the download URL will be done only after we received the prepayment (within 5 AT from bank transfer order). AlphaNodes GmbH will provide plugin buyers with an advance payment invoice according to German tax regulations upon request. We need the following information for this:

Customer information About your order

Important: You will receive the latest plugin version from us. Please note the minimum requirements of this version. The download or use of older plugin versions is not available to you and is not part of this purchase.

According to the terms and conditions of use, digital products are excluded from return. Therefore, before you buy, make sure that your Redmine system meets the necessary minimum requirements and you have taken plugin dependencies (e.g. single versions) into account..