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ProblemSolution: AlphaNodes Redmine Plugin
Costs & timeDBPasswordsReportingHRM
Missing or unrealistic budget framework
Inaccurate cost / time estimation
Missing expense/time entries
Overdue tasks
Overdue deadlines
Exceeded planned hours
Resources & Project teamDBPasswordsReportingHRM
Lack of resources
Lack of performance
Inexperienced team
Too much micromanagement, lack of self-management
Irregular, missing attendance bookings
Scope of a projectDBPasswordsReportingHRM
Missing project milestones
Inaccurate estimates
Forgotten / Subsequently added tasks
Underestimated complexity
Stakeholder & CommunicationDBPasswordsReportingHRM
Unclear requirements
Quality flaws that negatively affect the project
Missing / insufficient reports
Missing information, accesses, data
Decision makingDBPasswordsReportingHRM
Unobjective or incomplete project information due to missing / incorrect information
Customer or user acceptanceDBPasswordsReportingHRM
User interface does not allow users to perform / insufficiently perform their tasks
Users reject the tool
Information security, system failures, sensitive data storage
Missing / outdated documentation
Obsolete entrances
Unnecessary access rights
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