If your team wants to approve the budget for the next project, quarter or year, plan resources for an upcoming project, increase productivity and work quality, digitally manage inventory or centrally manage project passwords for the team, and many other ways to work more effectively, then our Redmine plugins are useful for you.

Find out what new features our product updates deliver to help you grow your business.

Redmine plugin changelog

News on our Redmine Plugins

New plugin versions July 2019

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News on Professional Redmine Plugin updates

Plugin updates February 2019

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News on Redmine Plugin HRM

Extended user profile with HRM Plugin

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Enhancements 2019

July 2019

  • New plugin versions (v2.0.3) available. New versions for our professional Redmine plugins HRM, Reporting, Passwords and DB are available now. Please note the current minimum requirements before updating or purchasing. Read on

Spring 2019

  • New Plugin versions (v2.0.2) published. New bug fix updates of all our professional Redmine Plugins (DB, Passwords, Reporting, HRM) have been released. Please have a look at the new minimum requirements before updating or purchasing.
  • New Plugin versions (v2.0.0) published. We have updated our professional Redmine Plugins (DB, Passwords, Reporting, HRM) and released new versions. From now on all our plugins are Redmine 4 ready. Please have a look at the new minimum requirements before purchasing.
  • New to Redmine? Check on our new eLearning material
    Learn the benefits and basics of the open source project management software Redmine in our on demand online course. Read on

Other enhancements 2018

Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter

  • Top 5 Features of the Redmine Reporting Plugin.
    Learn why the professional Redmine Reporting plugin is so great to boost your team productivity. Read on
  • Better project list for Redmine.
    If too many projects rob you of the overview look at the Reporting Plugin. Read on
  • Easier to find large files.
    The file list provides a better overview and is part of the Reporting Plugin.
  • Global application log of all activities.
    If projects, users, tickets, wiki entries or the like are deleted, the corresponding history entries are also lost. The global logbook of the Reporting plugin in the admin area ensures complete tracking.
  • Counter boxes for SLA tickets.
    Keep SLA Tickets in view with the counter boxes of the Redmine Reporting Plugin.
  • Watchlist of the Reporting Plugin.
    Keep an eye on important processes with the Observe function.
  • Mermaid diagrams and flowcharts implementation.
    The Reporting Plugin supports the open source library Mermaid.
  • Macro button for the editor.
    Find out what to do with the new macro button of the Additionals Plugin for the Wiki Toolbar. Read on

Plugin demo

Test the functions of Redmine and all our Redmine plugins in the online demo now for free. Redmine demo

Professional Redmine Plugin Features

Feature comparison

All plugin features of the Reporting and HRM plugins at a glance. With these plugins your business will reach the next level.


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Plugin FAQ

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