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If your team wants to approve the budget for the next project, quarter or year, plan resources for an upcoming project, increase productivity and work quality, digitally manage inventory or centrally manage project passwords for the team, and many other ways to work more effectively, then our Redmine plugins are useful for you.

Find out what new features our product updates deliver to help you grow your business.

Redmine plugin changelog

News on our commercial Redmine Plugins in August

Plugin versions 3.0.3 available for download


News on our commercial Redmine Plugins

New plugin versions 3.0.2 available

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News on Professional Redmine Plugin updates

New plugin versions December 2020

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Enchancements Autum 2021

October | November | December

  • New plugin version 3.0.4 scheduled for December 2021. Our new plugin version with bug fixes, enhancements and feature updates is coming by end of december. With this version our minimum requirements will change. From this version onwards Ruby version >= 2.6 is required. Older version support has been dropped.

Enchancements Summer 2021

June | July | August

  • Version 3.0.3 available for Download and Purchase. In august a new release of all our Redmine plugin has been made available. The v3.0.3 comes with some great new features, enhancements and bug fixes.
  • AlphaNodes Plugin Guides: If you need well-founded know-how to help you decide before buying our plugins, you can download one of our Buyer’s Guides here. Available for:
    • Redmine Automation Plugin
    • Redmine DB Plugin
    • Redmine HRM Plugin
    • Redmine DevOps Plugin
    • Redmine Wiki Guide Plugin

Enhancements Spring 2021

March | April | May

  • New eBook Version 3.0 available. Our german Redmine eBook is available in a new version. Visit our german site for purchase information.
  • Version 3.0.2 available for Download. Read our new blog post on the changes in this version. Our two new products Redmine DevOps, Redmine Wiki Guide have also been newly released with this update version.
  • New plugin version 3.0.2 scheduled for April 2021. See what’s coming in our feature comparison. Upcoming features are tagged with “new”. Learn more at Redmine Plugin Features.
  • New plugin coming soon: Redmine DevOps. Turn your Redmine into an Information Hub for DevOps / GitOps. More on our DevOps product page.
  • New plugin coming soon: Redmine Wiki Guide Plugin. Turn your Redmine Wiki into a perfect self-service portal. More on our Wiki Guide product page.
We present Redmine Plugin

Introduction: New Redmine Plugins

Redmine Automation: Automate routine tasks and optimize existing data sets with the help of rules and schedules. We present our new Redmine Automation Plugin.

Redmine DevOps: Make Redmine an information hub for DevOps teams using external services and DevOps platforms (GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins).

Redmine Wiki Guide: How to turn your Redmine Wiki into a useful self-service portal? It’s easy with the Redmine Wiki Guide.

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Other enhancements 2020

Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter

  • New plugin available: Automation. With our new commercial plugin you can automate Redmine. Whether it’s tracking down inactive tickets and closing them automatically, or controlling the further processing based on certain triggers. The plugin supports you in keeping your data in Redmine up-to-date. More on our Automation plugin product page.
  • New plugin version 3.0.1 available. For our commercial Redmine plugins (HRM, Reporting, Passwords, DB) there are again a few improvements and features so close to the end of the year. More about this in our Blog on this topic. Please note the current minimum requirements before updating or purchasing.
  • New plugin version 3.0.0 available. For our commercial Redmine plugins (HRM, Reporting, Passwords, DB) there is a new version available for download to our customers. From now on with dashboard support and some other useful functions. Learn more in our new blog article and in our Dashboard Guide.
  • Coming soon: Plugin version 3.0 with Dashboard support. The latest Additionals Plugin version has a Dashboard integrated as of v3.0. The Dashboard application is supported by us. Starting with the next version of our commercial Redmine Plugins (HRM, Reporting, Passwords, DB) we offer Dashboard blocks that can be integrated into the Dashboard. For an even more flexible working. Learn more in our new Blog post. Requirement for dashboard usage is Redmine version 4.1 or higher.
  • New plugin version 2.0.6 available for our customers. There is a new version of our professional Redmine Plugins (HRM, Reporting, Passwords, DB) available for download. Interested users may test the functionality in our online demo. Learn more in our Blog article here
  • New eBook version 2.2 available, now. Fresh reading material for homeoffice days. Our german Redmin eBook is available in a new version and describes the features of Redmine 4.1x. More details about the Redmine practical manual can be found on the eBook information page.
  • New plugin version 2.0.5 available. For our professional Redmine Plugins (HRM, Reporting, Passwords, DB) there is a new version available now. More about the newly added features in this version can be found in our Blog article. From this version onward only Redmine v4.x is supported. Older version support has been dropped.

Plugin demo

Test the functions of Redmine and all our Redmine plugins in the online demo now for free. Redmine online demo

Professional Redmine Plugin Features

Feature comparison

All plugin features of the Reporting and HRM plugins at a glance. With these plugins your business will reach the next level.


Professional Redmine Online trainings

Online Trainings

Deepen your knowledge. Learn in our web seminars how to get the best out of our plugins or how to use Redmine the efficient way.


Professional Redmine Plugin FAQ

Plugin FAQ

Information about plugin purchase, support and license renewals can be found in the FAQ.


Learn all about the plugins of AlphaNodes and their great features on the respective product page. And don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions.

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