We have released version 3.2.0 for all our AlphaNodes Redmine plugins (Enterprise+). We strongly recommend to take a look at the current minimum requirements before update installation. If you have several products from us, also make sure all are installed in the same version.

Here is what to know about the new plugin version:

Redmine Automation v3.2.0 (part of Enterprise+ Bundle or Automation Bundle)

Automation Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Ever wondered how to get more done with less effort when working in Redmine?
With the help of rules and schedules, you automate routine tasks and optimize existing data sets - while doing other things.
Automation plugin

  • New: integrate reminder with version support into reminder rule. And show issues of all project with open issues link in reminder mail. If reminder is limited to specific projects, only issues of this project are listed.
  • New: reminder rules support the following form parameters:
    • statuses (to allow reminders for issues with a certain status specific issue status)
    • skip_due_date_with_version (to exclude reminders for issues where due date with version is set)
  • Bug fix: fix HTML code conversion for text mails, when sent via “send mail” action for an activity stream cleanup

Redmine DB v3.2.0

DB Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Data management via Excel was yesterday. With our alternative to the Excel spreadsheet, all content that is not an issue (e.g. digital information and online assets) can now be more clearly managed and shared within your team, when working with Redmine DB.
DB plugin

  • New: add notes count filter
  • New: New filter Project’s name for global DB entry list

Redmine DevOps v3.2.0 (part of Enterprise+ Bundle or DevOps Bundle)

DevOps Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Make Redmine an information hub for DevOps teams.
DevOps plugin

  • New: New filter Project’s name for Changesets list

Redmine HRM v3.2.0 (part of Enterprise+ Bundle or Business-Class Bundle)

HRM Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Self-Management instead of micromanagement. Stopp guessing, start knowing and start plannning employee resources with our HRM plugin.
As intelligently as possible and almost automatically, the tasks are distributed to your employees within the time period to be completed. Works even in agile teams.
HRM plugin

  • Improvement: improve usability of issue tabs for users (user account) regarding:
    • Display of open issues in the tab (if none are open, nothing is displayed)
    • Standardization of the issue sequence (descending by ID)
  • Improvement: do not show user birthday and anniversary dashboard block, if custom fields aren’t configured
  • New: show tab “Issues for today” in the user account with the issues from the resource planning that the respective user has to complete on that day (if resource planning is activated).
  • New: New filter Project’s name for project members list
  • New: To improve the privacy compliant usage of the user activity stream -> implementation of a new function in the plugin settings: Anonymize activities If activated, a new permission is implemented in the HRM user type. This has also an effect on users with administration permission and guests (anonymous users). What this function does:
    • Remove the author and the user filter in the activity log on the right-hand side of the page (project related, cross-project, ATOM feed)
    • Restrict activity visibility in the user profile to own activities, only. Tip: Also useful for companies that want to avoid using the activity stream to monitor user performance/behavior.
  • Bug fix: Fix incompatibility with RedmineUp Helpdesk v4.2.2
  • Bug fix: HRM view permission for Dashboard block “Birthday” required
  • Bug fix: Fix limit for anniversaries in Dashboard Block

Redmine Passwords v3.2.0

Passwords Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Careless handling of sensitive project data is bad for business and no longer appropriate in today’s world. The password plugin stores passwords and other data that are valuable to you in encrypted form.
Passwords plugin

  • New: add notes count filter
  • New: New filter Project’s name for global Password entry list

Redmine Reporting v3.2.0

Reporting Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Improved usability for your users. Analysis, reports, insights and more for decision makers and project managers. This plugin enhances your Redmine visually and in terms of content.
Reporting plugin

  • Bug fix: fix compatibility issues of the task board view with redmine_custom_workflows plugin
  • Bug fix: fix locale strings with apostrophe on custom query settings
  • Bug fix: fix issue mail notification of SLA changes
  • New: add notes count filter for issues (to track down issues by the number of comments)
  • New: column Hourly rate for spent time entry list added
  • New: New filter Project’s name for global issue list and spent time list
  • New: add log entries for notes_edited and notes_deleted
  • New: If you work with versions and use the start/end date of the version assignment in issues, there are new filter options for the issue list:
    • Start date with version
    • Due date with version
    • Target version’s Start date

Redmine ServiceDesk (part of Enterprise+ Bundle) v3.2.0

With the ServiceDesk plugin, externally incoming requests (via email or embedded webform) are managed via a central helpdesk project and handled transparently within yout support agent team.

  • Improvement: show email with ignore contact action in action menu of contact detail view.
  • Improvement: improve usability of issue tabs for contacts regarding:
    • Display of open issues in the tab (if none are open, nothing is displayed)
    • Standardization of the issue sequence (descending by ID)
  • Improvement: Consolidation of information on created / assigned issues to company contacts in the company contact as well.
  • Improvement: Split Birthdays of Contacts and Users into seperate one’s This way the Contact birthday dashboard block can be integrated on the project overview page
  • Improvement: Revision of contact grouping in invoice list and add permissions for invoices
  • New: add notes count filter for: Contacts, Invoices, Canned responses.
  • New: New filter Project’s name for global list of: contacts, canned responses, invoices
  • New: Introduce new configuration for initial message (global and project related). Note: Existing customers should review their configuration after updating to this version!
  • Bug fix: Fix encoding problem of emails (for Redmine 5.1 and new mail gem)
  • Bug fix: Correction of the columns for city and country of the contact for invoices

Redmine Wiki Guide v3.2.0

Wiki guide Plugin Feature Update v3.2.0

Turn your Redmine Wiki into a useful self-service portal.
Wiki Guide plugin

  • Improvement: activate help for all users (not just administrators)
  • Bug fix: fix scope of search results for confidential pages
  • Performance improvement: drop of rendering content with markup code for performance reasons. Now output of search result looks the same as with Redmine default search.

General recommendations

As part of maintaining a current and secure Redmine system, it is recommended that all customers update to the latest Redmine version and update their plugins accordingly.

We always recommend that you only use plugins that are regularly maintained and kept up-to-date by the developers. This facilitates regular Redmine updates.

If you don’t want to worry about something, check out our Redmine Managed Application hosting packages. Where our Redmine Plugins are integrated, if needed. The functionalities can be tested in our freely accessible online demo.

For minimum requirements visit our plugin Pricing page. Plugins are available as single version or as cost-effective bundle, to cover several purposes.