The Redmine Additionals Plugin (formerly known as “Tweaks”) is ideal, if you want to make quick and easy changes on your Redmine installation, without much development knowledge.

A current, stable version of the Additionals plugin is required when using one of our commercial plugins and should also be installed on your Redmine system.

Free Redmine Plugin Additionals

Available on GitHub

You host Redmine yourself and want to use this Plugin? System requirements and Plugin download, as well as support requests at GitHub.

Download & Support

Demo Documentation (en)

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Redmine Managed Hosting

The Redmine Additionals Plugin - little improvements is part of our Redmine hosting offer, if required. If you need Redmine or Redmine Plugin support or do not want to host Redmine yourself our Redmine Hosting is perfect for you. This way you can fully concentrate on your business and work with an up-to-date, secure working environment.

Support for Selfhosting user via GitHub, only. If you are not a AlphaNodes hosting customer use the issue tracker on GitHub for community support. Other support requests via eMail are not processed by us.

Important features

Redmine Additionals allows you to make quick changes in the following areas:


Allows general changes to content and settings such as:

  • Texts for registration page,
  • Cross-project footer and sidebar
  • Influences the behaviour of external URLs etc.
  • Dashboard (Drag & Drop). Will be supported by the following plugins: Automation, DevOps, DB, Passwords, Reporting, HRM, Wiki Guide, ServiceDesk

Overview page

Allows changes to the display of the overview page such as:

  • contents for top, bottom and right
  • Remove “Latest News”


Allows changes to the content of the wiki such as:

  • Cross-project sidebar, header, footer
  • allows settings for PDF creation


Allows changes to issue content and settings such as:

  • Information texts for new Issues
  • Configuration options of rules for handling issues
  • Create issue on user profile
  • assign to me link on issue details page


Allows adjustments to the content and settings of projects such as:

  • Project guide integration
  • Deactivation of modules within the projects.

Web APIs

  • enables Google Maps Embed API Key integration


  • provides numerous useful macros
  • provides a macro overview in the administration area
  • provides users a macro button for the wiki toolbar for easy implementation

Documentation (en)

Important for users who are switching from Redmine Tweaks: Every plugin has a database entry in the Settings-column. Here you can change the plugin name. From plugin_redmine_tweaks into plugin_additionals (new). Done. This spares you some time of configuration changes in the plugin settings.

Are you missing a special function?

Are you missing something? We take care of it if you want. Request a non binding development offer (*).


  • You get a fitting solution on a small budget
  • We take care for it in the future
  • This ensures that the plugin will work for the upcoming Redmine versions

(*) not all desired function will be integrated, in case we do not think it is useful.