The commercial Redmine plugin HRM (Human Resource Management) provides different views for resource planning in the project. The integrated resource management for Redmine offers numerous filter options as well as the possibility to display the employee resources both cross-project and project-related (within a project). And on the respective user profile you can also see in which projects the user is a member.

The scaling view for the table planned hours is selectable as:

  • Day view
  • Weekly view
  • Month view

The day view contains most of the details and provides a lot of useful information (e.g. registered leave days). If you like, you can save your filters and column options as custom queries for later use. This saves time.

Redmine HRM Plugin Feature: Resource management view

The HRM Plugin is a function extension for Redmine with detailed analyses of resource availability within a project, for all projects or for a single employee.

It works in real-time (with the currently available data) and provides forecasts for the future (i.e. from today to the selected end period). It shows how employee utilization is at the moment, whether there are bottlenecks, where there is still potential for further tasks.

Useful for:

  • HRM Manager
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager and Lifecycle Manager
  • Decision makers
  • Project Portfolio Manager

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