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What to use a contact management in Redmine for?

The larger your sales or support team is, the more people are responsible for contact management and depend on finding complete and up-to-date information there.

Why are Excel lists not suitable for contact management?

Excel, once considered an all-rounder, may no longer be the ideal tool for managing sensitive contact information. It is great for managing numbers, but not so great when it comes to maintaining up-to-date contact details. Furthermore, it lacks the capability to oversee how team members store or share these lists securely.

Advantages of a contact management plugin for Redmine

Are you using or considering Redmine for task management? Enhance your workflow with the ServiceDesk plugin to efficiently manage contacts for individuals and companies within Redmine. Centralize all relevant information in one accessible location for your team, including email communication, files, notes, custom contact tags, and more.

Redmine Plugin contact management

Stay organized and up-to-date

The commercial ServiceDesk Plugin for Redmine provides a contact management system that makes it easier for your sales and support team to be able to effortlessly maintain an overview and cultivate relationships. In order to successfully expand your network and keeping an eye on an up-to-date contact management.

Top features are:

  • Import/export contacts via CSV or migrate from RedmineUp products
  • Assign colorful tags for organization
  • Leave notes to track activities and inform your team
  • Send individual or mass emails to stay connected
  • Customize contacts with custom fields
  • Efficient contact search and filtering
  • Customize your project dashboard for contact management
  • Assign contacts to multiple projects or merge them
  • Define role permissions for contact management access.

Redmine ServiceDesk Plugin contact management

Important data at a glance

The contact management is accessible project-related as well as cross-project for users with appropriate role permission. The contact list is available in various views. You should use the filters and options to find what concerns you.
The input mask allows you to save regular standard information. The mask can be customised by using custom fields.

Redmine ServiceDesk Plugin contact management

Colorful tags to stay organized

Tagging your contacts is a great way to categorize your data in an easy and user friendly way. Tags are not hierarchical. So you are free to decide how you classify a contact entry. Contacts of the ServiceDesk plugin can be provided with conventional TAGs, as well as grouped tags and scoped tags. Learn more here.

Redmine ServiceDesk Plugin contact management

Keep in touch more easily

Email lists are an important element in keeping in touch with customers and business partners. If you tag your contacts accordingly, you can easily contact them via the Send e-mail function from within your Redmine. This saves time and ensures better transparency among your team. Because such e-mails are automatically stored in the contact entry history.

Redmine ServiceDesk Plugin contact management

Insights with individual team dashboards

Do you need an overview of new contacts in the last 365 days? Would you like to know how many contacts exist in the project or have been changed recently? Curious about which contact TAGs are currently used for categorisation? The available dashboard blocks provide insights into your contact management. Use them to customise your Redmine project page according to your needs. Learn more about Dashboards in Redmine.

Redmine ServiceDesk Plugin contact management

Automating contact entries

If you have few team resources and little time, it is worth investing some time in the automation of contact entries.

A special feature of our plugin is the collaboration with the Automation plugin. You will be able to create automation rules based on time-controlled triggers or save events for contacts.

Automation not only keeps data records in line (e.g. automatic deletion) but also facilitates maintenance (e.g. setting TAGs to check outdated content).

Automation is a helpful tool for customer care. Numerous automation actions could support your team in maintaining contact entries. See which one (PDF) are currently possible.

Business value: Information at your finger tips.

It is important for companies to be able to have access to a comprehensive database for effortlessly storing, updating and accessing contacts. The usage of contacts withing projects is just one of the many useful plugin features of the ServiceDesk Plugin. The plugin is available as part of the Enterprise+ bundle as it requires the Automation plugin and Reporting plugin as base. Availability contact management: Part of current version

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