Redmine itself does not provide out-of-the-box support for multi-language wiki pages. You can use the Redmine surface in a lot of different languages, but regarding the content stored in Redmine it’s up to you to chose your prefered main language.

In some cases it might be necessary to display specific content in other languages as well. For this purpose we offer a wiki macro (as part of the Wiki Guide plugin) to make it possible.

The condition macro lets you handle multiple languages within the same Redmine wiki page. You could even display different text to different user roles as well.

Condition macro syntax

The macro syntax within curly brackets is as follows:

  condition(condition=CONDITION, class=CLASS)
    This is an example text in a language you like.

The following conditions are possible:

  • role role id
  • group group id
  • lang language id
  • admin true or false
  • class = css class

Implementation example

To show different content for users with different language options use the following example for your wiki page:

   This is visible for users, which have language setting EN (English)
    This is visible for users, which have NOT language setting EN (English) -> any other language but english

The example can be extended with other options. The following one shows how to implement the macro into your Redmine wiki page if you want to display content only to users with english language selection and which are administrators at the same time.

    This is visible for users, which have language setting EN (English) and have a administrator role.

Why Redmine Wiki Guide Plugin?

Many companies use knowledge base tools to create, share and search knowledge with their agents or customers. The Redmine wiki already is a great tool for that purpose. To make the stored information easier accessible to your team or customers you should add the Wiki Guide Plugin. It comes with a lot of additionals features and works with the already existing content.

The main benefits of the Wiki Guide Plugin are:

  • You don’t need to start from scratch. Use the content, that is already stored in your Redmine wiki.
  • Start working with TAGs for wiki pages to make relevant information quickly available.
  • Work with useful macros like the condition macro, to make content available for specific groups of users.

Tipp: The macro is usable in text areas of the dashboard blocks as well. So you can create different information pages for various users, if necessary.

Try it out. In our online demo you can test the function described here. The Redmine Wiki Guide Plugin is a function extension for current Redmine versions.

All information about our extensions for Redmine is available on the product page. The functionality can be tested in our online demo. An overview of all features is available here.

Further information