Over the past years, we have invested heavily across our Redmine plugin products. We have introduced new features to our existing products (DB, Passwords, Reporting, HRM) and built new powerful tools around automation and communication as well as third party integration (Automation, DevOps, WikiGuide, ServiceDesk).

Evolution and benefits

The capabilities of our products have significantly improved over the last 24 months with focus on performance and security as well as usability. Always with the goal in mind, to support our customers in the best possible way to move forward faster, stay aligned, and get better results when working with Open Source tools like Redmine.

See all enhancements 2022 and 2021.

In order to continue to keep our high quality standards and to comply with the increased workload, price adjustments are now necessary after all these years.

  • The price changes affect both new purchases of our Redmine plugins and the renewal prices of our existing customers
  • For existing plugin customers, this new pricing becomes effective at their next renewal that is on or after v3.0.9 release date. (Note: the 20% discount for timely renewal is always based on the initial price of the product at the time of execution)

The tables below reflect the new list pricing for existing and new subscriptions effective as of v3.0.9 (Expected release date: August-2023): 18th August 2023

PluginNew price v3.0.9 onwards
Single prices
Passwords275 EUR
Reporting275 EUR
Wiki Guide275 EUR
Automation385 EUR
DevOps385 EUR
Bundle prices
DevOps Bundle549 EUR
Business-Class Bundle549 EUR
Automation Bundle549 EUR
Enterprise+ Bundle
all single products plus our new product ServiceDesk
1795 EUR

Note: all prices are net prices plus German VAT

What are your options for action?

Until the deadline (release date of plugin v3.0.9), the following options are available to you:

  • Until the release of v3.0.9, you can secure an extension of your licenses for another 12 months and can still benefit from the current price conditions.
  • And you can opt for one of our cloud packages (this option is of course also available after the release of v3.0.9).