We develop tools and functions for Redmine that you need to quickly and easily get a clear overview of your projects and your team. The following changelog shows what’s new in the respective plugin version 2.0.3.

Customers with a valid plugin support license can download the latest versions in our customer area. Or extend an expired license via our online shop to get the latest version.

Redmine DB v2.0.3

With our alternative to the Excel table, all content that is not a ticket (e.g. digital information and online assets) can be clearly managed and shared.

These are bug fixes and small functional improvements to increase stability in production mode. Furthermore the languages Polish and Russian are now supported.

Changelog: DB Plugin

  • Bug: Fix attachment permission to add file to db entry
  • Bug: Fix DB-Type selection error with custom fields with Contacts plugin-releations
  • Feature: Ruby 2.3.x or higher is required with this release!
  • Feature: Implement new language files (PO, RU)

Redmine Passwords v2.0.3

Careless handling of sensitive project data is bad for business and no longer up to date these days. The Password-Plugin stores passwords and other data, which are encrypted for you.

Also with this version it concerns primarily smaller bugfixes. There are also new language files for customers from Russia and Poland. Furthermore the compatibility with strong_password_v0.0.8 is given.

Changelog: Passwords Plugin

  • Bug: Security check filter and corresponding language files corrected
  • Feature: Ruby 2.3.x or higher is required with this release!
  • Feature: New language files added (PO, RU) and IT, ES, FR, EN language files updated
  • Feature: made compatible with the latest gem strong_password v0.0.8

Redmine Reporting v2.0.3

Analyses, reports, insights and more for decision makers and project managers. This plugin enhances your Redmine optically and content wise.

The current version provides bugfixes and numerous improvements such as a new graphics library or key/value list support for user-defined fields, as well as new language files for customers from Russia.

Changelog: Reporting Plugin

  • Bug: Fixed bugdet exceeded filter is now working with all budget types
  • Bug: Fix bug with user group filter for spent time queries
  • Bug: Fixed internal error when project relation has been used as custom field in other plugins (e.g. DB, Passwords) and emails were no allowed to be sent
  • Bug: Fix permission for project TAGs
  • Feature: Ruby 2.3.x or higher is required with this release!
  • Feature: Improved treeview titles
  • Feature: Added setting to configure default time period for spent time list
  • Feature: Key/value list support for custom field charts
  • Feature: Custom field charts uses position of custom field as sort order to display charts
  • Feature: New column “Estimated hours (open)” in version list has been added
  • Feature: Added Treemap support for version list
  • Feature: Added XLSX export support for log
  • Feature: Added filter to project list for manager role (save reporting settings to assign manager role, even if you did it before)
  • Feature: Added filter and column for modules in project list
  • Feature: Implement linking with horizontal graph results (e.g. Spent time distribution of all projects, Assigned issues etc.) and pie chart results
  • Feature: Implementation of new graphic library (chartjs) for horizonal bar graphs and pie charts (responsive)
  • Feature: Selection of proven color patterns for new graphic library has been implemented in plugin settings
  • Feature: Add target version as column for spent time queries
  • Feature: Russian translation added

Redmine HRM v2.0.3

Away from micromanagement towards self-management. You can now better plan your employee resources with our HRM Plugin. As intelligent as possible and almost automatically, the tasks are distributed to your employees within the time period to be completed. Also works in agile working teams.

There were only a few bugs to fix. Among other things there were improvements in usability and authorization, as well as language files for our customers from Russia added.

Changelog: HRM Plugin

  • Bug: Fix sort order in user filters for groups and superiors
  • Feature: Ruby 2.3.x or higher is required with this release!
  • Feature: Show Resources in project menu (before it was in issue sidebar)
  • Feature: Change permission to show resources to issue group. Make sure you active “Show resources” for your roles within issue section!
  • Feature: Russian translation added

The functionalities can be tested in our online demo. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Redmine Update from the Pro

Customers whose Redmine is maintained by us, or who use a Redmine Hosting package do not have to worry about updating to the latest plugin version. We do that for you.

Redmine 4 has been officially on the market for some time now. Our plugins will only support Redmine 4 after the next version. Support for 3.4x will be discontinued from the next version. All information about our extensions to Redmine can be found on the Product page.