The Redmine HRM Plugin extends your Redmine project management tool with a comprehensive presence and absence management. This makes it easier for the executive floor and the personnel office to track the whereabouts of employees active in Redmine.

Webinar: Set up absence calendar

The integrated absence calendar provides you with a good overview of holiday planning in your company. You can find out how this works in our online webinar (language: EN). Step by step.

Redmine Plugin Webinar HRM

How to set up the absence calendar

Target: Administrator, User
Duration: 15 Minutes

Get the absence calendar working for vacation planning. Step-by-step guide.

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3 reasons for use

If you already use the Redmine HRM Plugin version 2.0.4 or higher you can simply use the new function. Companies that used to have a separate tool for the administration of holidays and illnesses can do this now via the Redmine HRM Plugin.

  • More comfort, less costs: With the Redmine HRM Plugin complicated Excel lists are no longer necessary. Those who already work with it can now also provide the personnel department with the necessary functions to carry out their tasks. This saves expenses for external solutions.
  • More transparency: Employees and the personnel department can view the vacation requests and the vacation account at any time and find out about the approval status.
  • More security: Reduction of the error rate through automated calculation of remaining leave and approval processes.

Advantages Redmine HRM Absence Calendar

The Redmine HRM Plugin extends your Redmine installation with the resource planning functionality. Here some advantages you get when using the Absence Calendar coming with the resource planning plugin Redmine HRM.

Absence calendar / Holiday calendarRedmine basicHRM plugin
Display absence entries (Vacation, illness, parental absences)-
Using various filter options for better overview-
Clear (colored) view of the entries per absence type-
Tool tips and symbols presenting additonal information-
ICS format export-

Testing Resource Planning and absence calendar

If you want to know more about the Redmine HRM Plugins, have a look at our Online Demo. There you can test all functions of the Redmine Resource planning tool.

The Redmine HRM Plugin helps to find available employees for certain periods of time more easily and thus to use them optimally for current or planned projects.