In times like these, many companies are shifting their work to the home office to protect the health of their employees. As far as possible everyone is trying to make the best out of the current situation.

For a limited time, only

We are happy to support you in this. And offer you for our Redmine Plugins from v2.0.5 (DB, Passwords, Rerporting and HRM) in the time from 19.03.2020 up to and including 20.04.2020 a 10% discount on the net price of our plugins or plugin bundles.

Simply use the following voucher code during the purchase process:

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  • Our minimum requirements apply (which you have to check first for the plugins to work) and also our Terms of usage.
  • There are no test verions available. But you can check the functionality in our online demo.
  • A list of all plugin features can be found here.

Possible ways of using our plugins in the home office

Here we have the most important information for you that shows the purpose for your team in the home office. Further details can be found on the respective product page or in the function overview above.

Usage Redmine DB

With our alternative to Excel spreadsheets, all content that is not a ticket (e.g. digital information and online assets) can be clearly managed and shared. Since you have to access information or documents in your home office that would otherwise be made available to you via e-mail or corridor radio communication, this is often not easily possible in your home office.

Especially if asynchronous, time-delayed work is required due to the private situation or location. The DB Plugin allows you to store all kinds of information centrally, manage it together and use it in a team or include it in tickets.

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Possible use of Redmine Passwords

Because careless handling of sensitive project data is bad for business and especially in the home office there are different conditions than in the office, the Passwords Plugin is just right. It stores passwords and other data that is of value to you in encrypted form, allows only people from your project team to access it and allows your team to share it securely.

So no more passwords have to be sent via email or be unencrypted in the Wiki. If you have access to a password because of your project affiliation, you will find everything you need in a secure environment within your project.

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Possible use Redmine Reporting

If you are not used to working independently and above all on your own initiative in your home office, it is often difficult to start or stay on the ball. The Reporting Plugin provides numerous options and visual aids to help every user work in Redmine and keep track of progress.

These include visual counter boxes that can be created for your saved queries. These make it easy to navigate to the relevant areas (e.g. My Tasks, Important Tickets, Critical Tasks, Exceeded Project Budget, Missing Time Postings, New Passwords, etc.). And the diagrams and graphics help project managers and stakeholders to get a quick impression of the project almost in real time.

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Possible use of Redmine HRM (reporting extension)

First of all: The HRM Plugin is not executable on its own. It is an extension for the Reporting Plugin and enables the management of employees and Redmine users via Redmine even without administrative access. It supports not only employees of the human resources department but also project managers and provides the boss with an overview of the current employee situation.

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Main functions

  • Home office employees can also book their working hours from home. Submit absences digitally (e.g. vacation, illness, other) and get an overview of their working hours and retrieve timesheets for any period of time.
  • Employees and the HR department can view the leave requests and leave account at any time and find out about the approval status.
  • Management positions receive an overview of booked working times of their teams in the home office.
  • Project managers can still plan employee availability. The resource view allows to display the upcoming tasks with a time estimate in a graphical timeline.
  • Furthermore, the absence calendar allows for digital holiday planning and other absences can be viewed.

Other useful tools

Redmine Messenger

Because especially the communication in the home office should not be neglected, there is the free Messenger Plugin. With this plugin a team chat can be connected to Redmine. This facilitates the coordination, reduces the communication distance and saves not so home office experienced employees from working alone.

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Redmine CodiMD

And if you already use the collaborative text editor CodiMD to work together on texts or share meeting minutes etc., you can use the Redmine CodiMD plugin to integrate them centrally into your Redmine and make them available to your team more easily.

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