The Redmine CodiMD plugin ensures that Redmine users have a central place in Redmine for all pads created with the collaborative text editor CodiMD.

A pad is a real-time text editor that allows multiple people to edit a text document and view content simultaneously. This may be useful for project notes, protocols or workshops, for example.

CodiMD pads are shared with others by telling the recipients the URL. With our plugin, you no longer need to manually send the URL to each participant. Members of a project receive a central overview of all project-relevant pads in Redmine.

Free Redmine Plugin CodiMD

Available on GitHub

You host Redmine yourself and want to use this Plugin? System requirements and Plugin download on GitHub.


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  • Show list of own CodiMD pads in Redmine
  • Show CodiMD pads in Redmine projects, if pad name has redmine identifier as prefix. (e.g. MyProject: MyPad)

Plugin CodiMD