Anyone with project experience knows that there are times when it is hard to keep up with your tasks. In such times it is not uncommon to miss a deadline for this reason. Not everyone likes to work with push notifications or prefers to rely on others to remind them.

Those who use the Redmine HRM Plugin to plan their resources can still do without push notifications. And does not need to rely on colleagues to remind him or her of tasks. The Redmine HRM Plugin provides various visual representations and hints to point out upcoming deadlines.

Redmine HRM Plugin overdue issues

Using Redmine HRM overdue issues are easier to identify.

  1. In the Resource planning view you get visual information by symbols and coloured cells, as well as the Resource allocation problems / hint box.
  2. In the detailed issue view you will be notified of the due date by a red coloured text as well as the Resource allocation problems / hint information.
  3. Within the issue list additional filter are provided to detect overdue issues easier. Useful filters are:

    • Due date
    • Due date reached

Redmine HRM Plugin overdue issues

Using Redmine HRM overdue issues can be filtered in the issue list.

Tip: Work with Dashboard blocks for issue queries

If you additionally save the filtered issue list you can create a counter box for overdue tasks and display them on the Redmine start page or the project overview page. With the help of counter boxes you have another possibility to keep track of overdue tickets.

Next to counter boxes you can also implement an issue query by adding a dashboard block for your saved issue list with due issues.

Redmine HRM Plugin overdue issues

Redmine HRM Plugin comes with dashboard support. Use it to make overdue issues visible.

Advantages for project teams

  • get a visual hint on overdue issues in the resource planning view
  • get a visual information in the detailed issue view on overdue issues
  • use additional filter options to identify overdue issues in the issue list

Test HRM function for Redmine

The HRM Plugin is an extension of the Reporting Plugin. It is available as Bundle. Use our online demo to get to know the HRM functionality and how easy it is to identify overdue issues while working with it.

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