We have now released plugin version 3.0.7 of all our commercial tools for Redmine. This release comes with a lot improvements for better working with Redmine v5.0 or higher and will consequently save you a lot of time working more accurate.

If you want to use our plugins from the new version 3.0.7, update your Redmine according to our minimum requirements. As usual, old versions are no longer available for download, so make sure you update your Redmine system in time.

Redmine Automation v3.0.7

Automation Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Have you ever wondered how to get more done with less effort when working in Redmine?
You can automate routine tasks and optimize existing data sets with the help of rules and schedules.
Automation plugin

  • Bug fix: cleanup webhooks calls and improve logging
  • Update: improve logging for mail actions (use entity and project information, if available)
  • Bug fix: fix display of column Interval and Next run time in issue list and spent time.
  • Improvement: Refactor webhooks to support same attachment information, as in REST API ( content_url delivery: DB entries, contacts, invoices, issues)
  • New: Issue due mail standard automation rule added for new installations
  • Change: rename rule variable %cfID% to %cf_ID% to fit same name as used for filters. If you used these variables in your actions, you have to adjust your actions to the new variable name.
  • New: New action (with Yaml-Syntax specification) for create project, create issue, create time entry
  • New: New action (with Yaml-Syntax specification) for custom field support (Action name: Custom).

Redmine DB v3.0.7

DB Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Data management via Excel is so much yesterday. With our alternative to the Excel spreadsheet, all content that is not an issue (e.g. digital information and online assets) can now be more clearly managed and shared within your team, when working with Redmine DB.
DB plugin

  • Bug fix: Checking the input text fields for max. length (limit 255 characters)
  • Bug fix: If placeholder for custom field DB relation exist it will only be shown as hover-title
  • Bug fix: Missing App Menu context
  • New: Added new column for DB entry list “Notes amount”
  • New: Add attachment infos to REST API show

Redmine DevOps v3.0.7

DevOps Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Make Redmine an information hub for DevOps and GitOps teams. Relevant information from externally hosted Git repositories and other DevOps services will flow together within Redmine
DevOps plugin

  • Improvement: compatibility update with other AlphaNodes plugins.

Redmine HRM v3.0.7

HRM Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Stopp guessing, start knowing and start plannning employee resources with our HRM plugin.
As intelligently as possible and almost automatically, the tasks are distributed to your employees within the time period to be completed. Works the same in agile teams and classical project teams.
HRM plugin

  • New: Implementation of a Send mail to group link on the group details page. In order to send a message to each group member via email program Allowed for administrators and users who belong to a user type with HRM-View permission.
  • New: new variables for HRM user types menu
  • Bug fix: change of user group view back to “checkbox” selection in area administration and user profile

Redmine Passwords v3.0.7

Passwords Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Careless handling of sensitive project data is bad for business and no longer appropriate in today’s world. The password plugin stores passwords and other data that are valuable to you in encrypted form.
Passwords plugin

  • Bug fix: Checking the input text fields for max. length (limit 255 characters)
  • Bug fix: If placeholder for custom field Password relation exist it will only be shown as hover-title
  • Bug fix: Fix 404 error when adding a comment directly from passwords view page if permission Add password notes is enabled
  • Bug fix: Missing App Menu context
  • New: Added new column for passwords list “Notes amount”

Redmine Reporting v3.0.7

Reporting Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Improved usability for your users. Analysis, reports, insights and more for decision makers and project managers. This plugin enhances your Redmine visually and in terms of content.
Reporting plugin

  • Bug fix: fix error when totals for “Amount of contacts” has been activated for project list.
  • Bug fix: fix project destroy with existing SLA tracker
  • Bug fix: If placeholder for custom field project relation exist it will only be shown as hover-title.
  • Bug fix: Fix grouping name for select2 project relation field in query lists (Issue list, DB list, Passwords list etc.)
  • Improvement: Improving the linking of log entries to specific entities
  • Improvement: Regular Expressions support as operator for all text filters (e.g. issue subject, issue description, time entry comment, project name, etc.) also for MariaDB
  • New: Added new column for issue list “Notes amount”

Redmine Wiki Guide v3.0.7

Wiki guide Plugin Feature Update v3.0.7

Turn your Redmine Wiki into a useful self-service portal.
Wiki Guide plugin

  • New: Sidebar placement of Related wiki pages (issue list view, issue view) for issues with TAGs.
  • New: Placement of Related pages on wiki sidebar for tagged wiki pages. Number of entries corrensponds to Max list entries in plugin settings.
  • New: Outdated wiki pages - this function displays a warning for the wiki page if the last update of the wiki page exceeded a specified number of days. A list of all outdated wiki pages is also displayed in the sidebar of the project wiki.
  • New: Link to list of all Project wikis (with context menu) on Wiki Guide page. Learn more in our blog post.
  • New: My recent searches

Good to know

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