Dashboards for Redmine

Additionals plugin feature introduction

Created by AlphaNodes, 2020.
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Hello and welcome to our introduction session on Dashboards in Redmine in less than 5 minutes.


Help employees to help themselves.

With the new Dashboard functionality of the Additionals Plugin version 3x

Here is how it works.

Providing Dashboards to your users, employees can create their own content on your Redmine

AlphaNodes project overview page
AlphaNodes or home page.

In order to easily access relevant information.


User permissions allow you to define who can use, manage and share those dashboards.


When your team is dealing with high issue volume, make it easier for them to focus on the important stuff.


Allow them to boost efficiency by adding dashboard blocks of their choice.

With the dashboard function of the Additionals plugin

Adding and managing dashboards as well as sharing them with others will be a breeze and provides quick access to relevant data.

Plugins, that already support the dashboard functionality:

Redmine Additionals plugin v3x

New Dashboard function!

Free available on GitHub.com

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