As High-Performance experts we offer you server monitoring / performance monitoring for your web infrastructure. In order to minimise database server failure and to prevent possible problems in time. We do the management of the server monitoring so you can save on own personal and own server monitoring software.

Munich experts for managed server monitoring

Zappix is the monitoring system we use for our service, which is equipped with self configured / developed performance graphs, that support us to find your server problems as quick as possible.

Our managed server monitoring services

  • Server monitoring / Performance monitoring
  • MySQL monitoring
  • Database reviews
  • MySQL replication monitoring
  • Drupal performance reviews

Details on our managed server monitoring service

This is a customized service for demanding customers, who want something special.

Option 1: Own monitoring For individualistsOption 2: AlphaNodes monitoring for professional companies Our recommendation!
Price / month30,00 EUR* pro server entity
Min. no of server entities14
*Monthly net price plus currently valid german tax, automatic renewal every month.
Minimum term3 month
Cancel monthly after min. term
Short-term availability
No setup fee
Easy to understand overview
For decision makers
For admins and developers
Examples of monitored services
Webserver (Apache, nginx)
MySQL (also database replicats)
OpCache (PHP APC Cache or PHP Zend OpCache)
Linux (Disc load, processes, security critical settings, etc)
Drupal CMS
Redmine Project management
Per mail or SMSaccording to agreement

The costs for monthly server monitoring / high performance monitoring by a third party are low. They represent only a fraction of the costs that will be incurred if the server infrastructure fails.

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.

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