Our solution for a virtual digital library using Redmine

Digitisation does not stop at media companies, bookstores, universities, libraries and scientific research institutes. The main challenge here is to make different sources or information from physical and / or digital information carriers or research data centrally accessible. Especially if they are distributed at different locations.

Professional Redmine Plugin: DB

The Redmine DB Plugin helps to centrally capture information of physical or digital data in Redmine. To jointly manage and receive inventory data and to easily share it with other participants.

Use Redmine DB Plugin as virtual digital library

Redmine DB Plugin

The alternative to Excel spreadsheets. Digital information and databases of any kind can be clearly captured and managed within your team.

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Key Benefits of Managing Digital Information and Data with Redmine DB

  • Information stored in the DB entry can be linked to Redmine tasks.
  • Editors of a media company can research the corresponding data for journalistic work.
  • Research groups that manage their project in Redmine can maintain their own database of research data within their project.
  • Custom fields allow data collection and management of any information (e.g. responsible person, publication date, description, category, keywords, ISBN, author, publisher, location, URL etc.) and is therefore equally suitable for libraries, universities, media companies and booksellers.
  • Display of information in clear, filterable lists.
  • Simple search option with the help of a live search, various filter options, by keywords (so-called TAGs), etc.
  • Quick launch possible by importing existing data in CSV format.
  • Export of information also possible in CSV format.

Definition virtual library: Scientifically or technically relevant information and documents that are distributed worldwide are made available centrally in a virtual library for research purposes or for the supply of information. The aim is to cover the information needs of employees, editors, scientists or external users of a digital system.

Examples for the use of virtual libraries

  • Manage data and information on electronic journals, articles or book collections.
  • Management of specialist information from various fields such as political science, pharmacy and medicine, literature studies, musicology, theology and religious studies, international and interdisciplinary legal research, other sciences, etc.
  • Use as a digital catalogue with links to the original collection ( bequest and historical collection).

Virtual library with Redmine DB Plugin in different languages

Redmine can be used in many other languages besides English. The Redmine DB Plugin is also available in different languages. Our solution is ideal for multilingual teams. Redmine DB as virtual library is part of our hosting offer. Benefit from using the plugin as self-hosted solution or check out our InHouse Redmine Hosting offer.

What’s Redmine?

Redmine is an open source ticket system written in Ruby on Rails. It is very versatile and can be extended by plugins to include additional functions. It can be used as an industry solution for many business areas and is used by many scientific institutions and universities that prefer Open Source solutions.