Our solution for asset management with Redmine

In the course of the digitalization of business processes, more and more companies are faced with the challenge of properly managing their information on projects or product development, hardware and software.

Professional Redmine Plugin: DB

The Redmine DB Plugin helps to centrally manage relevant information in Redmine and to easily share it with other team members.

Asset Management with Redmine DB Plugin

Redmine DB Plugin

The alternative to the Excel table. Clearly record items / data records of any kind in the team (asset management, inventory management).

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Important Advantages of Asset Management with Redmine DB

  • Link information on project-relevant assets stored in the DB entry with Redmine Issues.
  • Manage information (e.g. description, category, system information, location, value, acquisition date etc.) with Redmine DB.
  • Create clear, filterable, individual lists of entered assets.
  • User-defined fields allow the administration of individual information and components.
  • Easy import and export of information.

Definition Asset Management: Asset Management plays an important role in every project. It helps the team to support the efficient use of the project relevant resources and information of the company to cover the needs of customers or partners.

Examples of project-relevant assets

  • Infrastructure hardware
    This includes physical or virtual servers, data centers or network devices that your company has purchased or operates.
  • licenses or contracts
    managing information acquired from others and relevant to the execution of your projects.
  • Products developed in-house
    Services, software products or apps that your employees have developed or built in-house and that belong to your company.
  • Company equipment and inventory
    Equipment such as laptops, monitors, printers, telephones and other things you provide your employees with that are important for them to do their job.
  • Digital data
    Operating data that is important for digital enterprises and whose information must be updated and centrally stored at all times.

Asset Management with Redmine DB Plugin in different languages

Redmine can be used in many other languages besides English and German. The Redmine DB Plugin is also available in different languages. Redmine DB is part of our hosting offer. Benefit from using the plugin as Self-Hosted solution or use our InHouse Redmine Hosting offer.

What’s Redmine?

Redmine is an open source ticket system written in Ruby on Rails. It is very versatile and can be extended by plugins to include additional functions. It can be used as an industry solution for many business areas.